Yoga of nonsense

Brave move

Finally, Sivarama Swami have shown some boldness to speak against this yoga nonsense, cheating yoga is not only problematic in greater society, but it is also problem in ISKCON. Especially, Radhanath baba is cheating people by inviting them to pay big amounts of money for fake yoga sessions, just check my previous articles on the subject such as HEY GIRLS, Radhanath baba needs you to advertise yoga and BREAKING NEWS: Radhanath Swami joins Prabhupada's enemies (more…)

Capati guru vs lion guru, your choice

Can somebody remind me what is the purpose of Hare Krishna movement? Can somebody remind me why Srila Prabhupada came to the west? I thought that Prabhupada came to establish true religion, and blast mayavadis, sahajiyas and all other types of nonsense people. Prabhupada came to destroy nonsense philosophies because those philosophies only bewilder people. (more…)

ISKCON’s first temple president who shows his butt to Prabhupada

After my last video went viral, and was seen by 330 devotees in first 48 hours, we started investigating materials more closely and confirming facts with spies on the field. And reality is much worse than it looked initially. (more…)