Yoga of nonsense

Yoga baba Prahladananda defense

When somebody complains about your guru, your duty as disciple is to defend your guru. Therefore, if you accept nonsense guru, you will have to defend nonsense. But, it seems yoga baba Prahladananda doesn’t have any disciples, because nobody is trying to defend him. Well, actually, somebody is trying to defend him, sort of. Here is an email I received today, together with my reply.



Curious case of ISKCON’s gymnastic gurus

This video is dedicated to A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, greatest yogi that ever lived, who saved us from Kali-yuga nonsense.


Human life is meant for being elevated to the highest platform of good character and controlling the senses, controlling the mind, remain very clean. Then you can make progress and your life can become successful. So because they are not accustomed already to follow this, therefore so many rascals and dangerous yogīs are advertising that “There is no need of control. You can join this yoga system and give me money. I shall give you mantra, and you become God.” Be careful of these dogs. (SB 6.1.55, Praris, Aug 11 1975)