Yoga of nonsense

ISKCON’s sahajiya meltdown

What happens when you don’t preach like Srila Prabhupada? Well, your followers lose the idea of what it means to be a follower of Srila Prabhupada, and then they drift away.

When you look at facebook history of Kisora Krishna das, you can understand that today he is a member of Bhakti Marga society. And before that, he was a member of ISKCON.

So, how did Kisora Krishna transition from being a follower of the first-class devotee of the Lord to being a follower of the third-class rascal?

Well, it is due to Radhanath baba, who is preaching “love” and that all saints are the same?

Who is fighting ISKCON greatest mayavadi Radhanath Swami? The answer is very simple: nobody. And since nobody is fighting Radhanath baba ideas of retarded humbleness and brainless love, we are starting to reap the results of such preaching. If everything is the same, if Srila Prabhupada is not quoted much in ISKCON these days. If nobody is challenging Radhanath baba and his retarded followers, then maybe everything is really the same. Maybe we can all become followers of Swami Vishwananda. And that is exactly what is happening. Since ISKCON has become spineless, and due to spineless preaching ISKCON followers lost discrimination and became retarded, maybe there is really nothing wrong in the fact that ISKCON members are becoming Bhakti marga followers.

What is wrong with Bhakti-marga

Well, nothing is wrong, if you live in the ISKCON cheating organization where Sacinandana Swami is traveling with his girlfriend around the world for 10 years, if everybody has to be quiet about it, if spineless GBC leaders are allowing this to happen, then it is very easy to transition from such fake society to another fake society called Bhakti Marga.

The only difference between ISKCON and Bhakti marga is that ISKCON members are forcefully retarded and Bhakti-marga members are voluntarily retarded. ISKCON members are forcefully retarded because they are not allowed to speak publicly about “pure devotee” Sacinandana Swami and his girlfriend. Everybody who dares to speak up about this disgrace is kicked out from the ISKCON society. In the same time, Bhakti marga sannyasis can have girlfriends because bhakti marga members think that “everything is love”.

So, Vishwanbanda is a follower of Shirdi baba, who is allegedly incarnation of Siva. Except, except that Siva was not supposed to appear in Kali-yuga and all appearances of Siva are described in the sastras.

So, basically, Bhakti-marga members are philosophically retarded. And “Swami” also seems to be having sex with his male disciples. You can also check his biography.


If you discard Srila Prabhupada and his books and you replace Srila Prabhupada with Vishwananda retard, you are doomed.



For 9200 USD, Radhanath baba sells mayavadi Bhagavad-gita

On this most auspicious day of appearance of Srila Prabhupada, who is best of all yogis, we continue to expose cheaters who are changing his teachings to accommodate mayavadis, and extract money from them.

Do you want to become gymnastic yogi? Do you want to become “spiritual” ? Do you want to earn a lot of money by teaching people how to reduce their fat? Well, you are on the right place? You can achieve all that and more if you enroll to a “super spiritual” Yoga teacher training course in Govardhana Eco village:



When Krishna consciousness becomes a circus

Some devotees are organising programs which portray Prabhupada as a clown, and his movement as a cheap new age community of brainless people. I am not worried about that, I am worried that nobody is protesting. Everybody is silent, so called leaders are silent, majority of so called lion gurus are as silent as a harmless puppies.

Well, Prabhupada has at least one faithful follower in America, who is not tolerating this nonsense, instead, he is speaking out. He made a webpage against yoga deviation and even used my video.



Yoga baba Prahladananda defense

When somebody complains about your guru, your duty as disciple is to defend your guru. Therefore, if you accept nonsense guru, you will have to defend nonsense. But, it seems yoga baba Prahladananda doesn’t have any disciples, because nobody is trying to defend him. Well, actually, somebody is trying to defend him, sort of. Here is an email I received today, together with my reply.



Brave move

Finally, Sivarama Swami have shown some boldness to speak against this yoga nonsense, cheating yoga is not only problematic in greater society, but it is also problem in ISKCON. Especially, Radhanath baba is cheating people by inviting them to pay big amounts of money for fake yoga sessions, just check my previous articles on the subject such as HEY GIRLS, Radhanath baba needs you to advertise yoga and BREAKING NEWS: Radhanath Swami joins Prabhupada’s enemies