Sannyasi secretaries

Help wanted from Moscow devotees

Hare Krishna, We have report from recent Moscow retreat by Sacinandana baba, which was held from April 24th to April 28th. Devotee who was present confirmed that Sacinandana baba's girlfriend Bhanu Nandini was also there. If you have any friends in Moscow, someone who could send me photos of Bhanu Nandini on this retreat, This would be much appreciated by Prabhupada since he never wanted sannyasis who travel around the world with their unmarried personal assistants. My email is: Thank you, Hanuman das

Sri Sri sannyasi-female travelling servant tattva confirmed by Indradyumna Swami

6 months ago, I published detailed analysis how an ISKCON sannyasi travels on three continents with young unmarried female russian translator. In that same article, we even obtained reply by Indradyumna Swami, where he says it is ok that she travels with him, because she is only "russian translator, nothing more, nothing less". This actually establishes important shift in Prabhupada's mission. Now, sannyasis can have transcendental, service related relationships with women. This is the essence of sahajiya philosophy, than a man can step beyond the level of renunciation, and although he already renounced association of opposite sex, he is now renouncing the renunciation itself. (more…)

Gender discrimination continues in the United States

Today, we saw a disturbing article on facebook, where Indian guru and sannyasi performed initiations in San Diego without bringing his wife Kunti dasi who is faithfully serving him for many years. And the only reason he didn't bring his wife to initiation ceremony, is too keep his manly image as a sannyasi and big renunciant. I must say this is not ok. This is the facebook post announcing inititation ceremony. (more…)

Going loud

Hopefully inspired by my post from yesterday, Jai das decided to write an email to Anuttama das, ISKCON's public relations officer. It's a nice letter, and we need more of such letters. This is how you mount pressure. This is how you become relevant. This letter is not offensive and it was written according to proper etiquette. (more…)

Public support and the future of my website

In the last two and half years, I've been fighting sannyasis with girlfriends without much public support. Many people like to visit my website, they shared many articles with their friends, but they did so in private messages. My website became very ypopular, with thousands of people visiting it every month. But, free ride is over. (more…)

Easiest way to find a girlfriend in ISKCON

Advice for ISKCON members: Easiest way to find girlfriend in ISKCON, is to take sannyas. :D :D :D This is important step because if you take sannyas, that means in ISKCON that you are pure devotee. :D :D And if you are "pure devotee", then prospective female secretaries will pile up to serve the "pure devotee". :D :D :D Because by serving pure devotees we can go Back home, back to Godhead. :D :D :D (more…)

Sannyasi female secretary video services

Good news guys, Bhanu Nandini dasi has opened Instagram profile. As ISKCON's only female sannyasi secretary who travels with "pure devotee",  "guru" and a "sannyasi" who is on most advanced level of girl-prema, she started documenting their travels. She recorded video of her boss, husband, sannyasi and all around good guy Sacinandana baba while two of them were in some temple in India. (more…)

ISKCON Temples lost due to lack of fault finding

Today, we gonna discuss major lack of fault finding and how it affects ISKCON in most gross way. Few das ago, I received email with newest update on the stolen Brooklyn temple. You can read it on the link which I inserted, but basically, what is happening will be a long and gruesome battle around very valuable building. (more…)

Girlfriend’s friend confirms divine female secretary tattva

If I say that Sacinandana baba travels around the world for 10 years with his girlfriend, devotees are suspicious. Even if I provide videos, still, youtube might be the devil, and Sacinandana baba might still be a pure devotee. I am envious, so whatever I say is not true, and Sacinandana baba is always right, because he is guru on the guru list, he is pure devotee. That fact is confirmed by other pure devotees who also have female secretaries. However, as in other types of evidence I provide, it is not that I am saying that Bhanu-nandini is long time servant of Sacinandana baba, her friend is saying it as you can see above image. (more…)