Sannyasi secretaries

Dreadful “elderly sannyasi” tattva confirmed

I had a doubt all along. I had a doubt that as you progress in Krishna consciousness, as you become very renounced and very advanced. You become eligible to have a girlfriend, female assistant or whatever else you want to call her. That is a young unmarried woman, who travels around with "elderly sannyasi". She is doing "devotional service" by "assisting" a man who is so divinely powerful, that he is not affected by her presence. (more…)

Sacinandana baba takes his girlfriend to a concert

My God, only one month passed since we caught Sacinandana baba arriving with his girlfriend to Radhadesh. But, when you have much younger girlfriend, you have to take her for a concert from time to time. Yesterday, there was a Shelter Band concert in Berlin, and Sacinandana baba decided to take his girlfriend for a spin, so they could dance a little bit on the stage. Otherwise, what is the alternative, she would have to cook dinner and have a boring evening. (more…)

Lokanath Swami starts publishing sannyasi-girlfriend promotion materials

Loving Krishna is not cheap. Loving Krishna is very expensive. If you want to be a pure devotee of Lord Krishna, you have to give up your own sense gratification and dedicate your life to Krishna. And if we are talking about sense gratification, Srila Prabhupada explains that associating with girls is greatest sense gratification. (more…)