Rtvik theory

Desperate rtviks are spreading fake quotes

I always challenged rtviks to give me one statement of Srila Prabhupada where he said he will continue initiating people after his physical disappearance. No such quote exists. 3 days ago, prominent follower of the rtvik theory, Gauradasa Pandita posted fake quote of Srila Prabhupada so that he could convince people about fake New age Christian movement, also called rtvik movement: (more…)

Rtvik Sri Gurvastakam challenge

Few days ago, I received an email from a person who contracted contagious disease called "Zombie guru theory". Proponents of zombie guru theory claim that Prabhupada is Jesus and that he is only guru for the next 10000 years, and that he should be the diksa guru of all members of the Hare Krishna movement. They draw this silly argument from the arragement that was made by Prabhupada while is was sick and not able to travel to initiate every disciple personally. One of the arguments which zombie guru theory proponents use to justify their nonsense is perfectly exemplified in following email from above mentioned zombie:
But I ask this, when devotees are sing Samsara Davana in the mornings who are they singing about, Devamrita, Radhanath, Sachinandana etc? NO!! They are singing about pure devotee acharyas who can enact those activities mentioned in those verses, do you think any ISKCON 'guru' can arrange amerous pastimes between Radha and Krishna?