Luxurious renunciation

ISKCON – Society of cheaters and cheated

While almost everybody is either too dumb to understand that ISKCON is no longer Prabhupada's society and some of the people simply don't care, there are some rare individuals who started noticing "strange things" that nobody is willing to talk about. Today, we are reproducing post by Nataraja das. I agree with every word. Of course, he could mention any names, because that would cause the Gestapo society to kick him out, but you can see the general tendency. The names of "sannyasis with personal women servant", and "private houses" are all well known in ISKCON thanks to my website and youtube channel. (more…)

Please help me enter BMW lila if you think I am qualified

UPDATE 21st May: See response by Bhaktivaibhava Swami below Before you start reading this article, you should be careful not to make any offences. It's not easy to understand activities of pure devotees, ok? Already two devotees from Czech Republic and Slovakia confirmed that Bhakti Vaibhava Swami owns a brand new BMW for the purposes of performing GBC lila. (more…)

CSS – Comfortable sannyas syndrome

Sannyas life is full of inconveniences. You have to travel a lot, facilities where you might stay might sometimes be in your comfort zone, sometimes not. However, sannyas life was never about comfort, it was always about making sacrifices for the preaching mission. But, for Bhakti Caitanya Swami, he wants to achieve comfort, and he is ready pay big cash for comfortable living. And his disciples are ready to finance comfortable sannyas asrama instead of financing preaching projects. Today, we are sharing a video and a few letters with photos, which describe comfortable living arrangement of Bhakti Caitanya Swami and the amounts of money needed to accomplish that. (more…)

Advertisement – buy apartment near renunciant’s luxury villas

Ok, one thing to remember, sannyasis don't have luxury villas, ok? It's just that nonsense fault-finder Hanuman das is spreading false information, ok? Or maybe they do have villas, but it's ok, it's acintya bheda-abheda tattva. They are renounced and in the same time they are not renounced. This is new ISKCON philosophy. When they receive donations, then they are renunciants, and when they buy luxury villas, they renounce renunciation itself. (more…)

The King of kirtan and luxury apartments

UPDATE: Govinda Swami claims the the doesn't own luxury apartment in Mayapur, that he was in apartment own by Hungarian society for Krishna consciousness. See the results of investigation here. Hare Krishna, do you want to see how Prabhupada's sannyasi disciple shows off his marble apartment and says "This is my house"? If you do, continue watching. (more…)

Mobile phone horror in Sivarama Swami’s marble castle

After I published my video Plidenta Swami, I got another email. This message is very interesting since it proves that luxurious sannyasis are deeply aware that they are doing something wrong and therefore they are trying to hide themselves from public eye. (more…)

Sri Sri panca sannyasi girlfriend tattva

Ok, one year ago, when I made documentary about ISKCON sannyasi who travelled around the world for 10 years, I was wondering how it is possible that he was not sanctioned. When If found second sannyasi who had two secretaries, and one of them wanted to rip my balls out, I started to develop some doubts. When I found third and fourh sannyasis with girlfriend who were indian, then I understood that there is something very wrong with this movement. And now I even discovered real sannyasi-grhasta, who has his own house, and he is living there with attractive woman, full of money, and wearing sannyasi begging cloth at the same time. I find that quite cool. Let's send him an email. (more…)