Krishna West

GBC body launches Krishna Wex movement

Remember the outrage when first Hridayananda das Goswami became member of the GBC body and GBC for Brazil, as concluded in the mid-term GBC meeting? Well, it seems things started improving since he took reins of Brazil after being empowered by the GBC body in October last year. Here, we see that he is setting up preaching in a proper way according to standard of chastity and shyness and prescribed by Prabhupada. In this article, we analyze newest facebook post by his disciple Giridhari das, who manages ISKCON center called "Pandava paradise": (more…)

Polite opposition

Only way to fight nonsense is to publicly oppose it. And you can publicly opposite it only if you are well grounded in reading Prabhupada's books, in this way, you will be able to recognize nonsense. It is duty of every follower of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada to keep his teachings intact and pure. However, today, in Prabhupada's own society, fighting deviant philosophy is pronounced criminal activity. It is taught to be "offensive". This is so because corrupt leaders of Prabhupada's society established such social norms. It is "not good" to fight nonsense and be straight forward, because that might "offend" fake gurus and their followers. (more…)

Origins of Krishna West

What can I say, while this is not most philosophically potent video which I ever saw, it is clearly one of the most funny ones, sent to me by devotees from Russia, who are sharing it in a more underground way, because it is "illegal" in ISKCON to make fun of people who claim that we will conquer the world with jeans and lasagna instead of dhoti and sweet rice. It is especially illegal if jeans and lasagna tattva is preached by somebody who is guru-list "guru". If somebody is on the guru-list, then you are supposed to believe in lasagna and jeans, and don't make funny videos about it. (more…)

Brand new uniforms

Today marks the start of the International Krishna West festival in Brazil which caused Prabhupada's spy network to activate. More details on the festival, you can see here All three Krishna West acaryas: Hridayananda das Goswami, Candramukha Swami and Dhanvantari Swami appeared in their brand new Krishna West uniforms which they will use to convert the whole western world to Krishna consciousness. (more…)

ISKCON’s first temple president who shows his butt to Prabhupada

After my last video went viral, and was seen by 330 devotees in first 48 hours, we started investigating materials more closely and confirming facts with spies on the field. And reality is much worse than it looked initially. (more…)

Back to 3T Godhead

This article is written by one of ISKCON devotees in Brazil, who has to watch all the nonsense happening in his country. Of course, according to ISKCON's "Silent sheep non offender" theory, he was supposed to stay quiet about all the nonsense happening there, but he couldn't. Brazil is under direct supervision of the GBC Executive committee consisting of:
  • Bhakti Caru Swami
  • Madhusevita das
  • Bhaktivaibhava Swami
All those people are responsible for this craziness that is happening in Brasil. (more…)

Krishna disco burger movement

Once upon a time, great "acarya" appeared, he promised us that he will "save" ISKCON's western mission and bring us millions of new followers, and the project Krishna West was born. He pleaded to the GBC body to allow him to test his new project and everybody will witness how powerful it is. We just need to replace dhotis with Jeans, and we need to replace sweet rice with muffins. If you are rich, you can also replace harmonium with piano, and for poorer folks, synthesizer will do. If we do that, millions will join our movement. (more…)

Bhakti Vijnana Goswami steps down

Krishna started cleanup of Radhanath baba, it seems that his major supporters will go down first. Bhakti Vijana Goswami just had a nervous breakdown or something. This happens when you try to be follower of Srila Prabhupada and Ramesh baba at the same time. He is stepping down from all his positions indefinitely. (more…)

Brazilian unlimited sex theory

I am gradually losing hope that ISKCON will ever get back to right track. Worst of all, GBC Executive committee is in charge for Brazil. If they manage everything else as they are managing Brazil, we are in big trouble. Maybe only thing left to do is making jokes. (more…)