Condensed nonsense

Peace wars

As Kali-yuga progresses, more and more deviants appear on horizon. Even so called “saints”, and “followers” of Prabhupada, started distorting his original teachings.

The job of a genuine guru is to fight nonsense and establish the real truth.

And this is exactly what happened, watch both of these videos and you will understand why.



The real magic of life is the wisdom of our own divinity

You wanna see something really retarded? Radhanath baba learned to quote Prabhupada without actually quoting Prabhupada. He said that Prabhupada said something, but it is not clear what Prabhupada really said. Radhanath baba also mentions some verse from Bhagavad-gita, but he doesn’t quote the verse either.  😀 😀 😀 Rather, Radhanath Swami explains that Srila Prabhupada quoted a verse, we don’t know which one, and by that verse, Krishna meant that “The real magic of life is the wisdom of our own divinity”. 😀 😀 😀 Both Krishna and Prabhupada never gave that kind of statement. Prabhupada was not Dalai-salami nor he was mayavadi preacher like Radhanath baba.



“Pure devotees” now claim that Lord Caitanya ate mushrooms

If you are member of ISKCON, it is important to never be envious. And how can you know if you are envious? If you are fault-finding, you are envious. And out of all fault-finding types, worst is fault-finding pure devotees. This is preached by “pure devotees” in ISKCON because they don’t want you to find any faults in them. Because there are no faults, if you see any faults, that is because you are envious. Other than that, all “pure devotees” in ISKCON are pure. And who decided who is pure devotee? Well, “pure devotees” from the GBC body decided who is pure.



When Krishna consciousness becomes a circus

Some devotees are organising programs which portray Prabhupada as a clown, and his movement as a cheap new age community of brainless people. I am not worried about that, I am worried that nobody is protesting. Everybody is silent, so called leaders are silent, majority of so called lion gurus are as silent as a harmless puppies.

Well, Prabhupada has at least one faithful follower in America, who is not tolerating this nonsense, instead, he is speaking out. He made a webpage against yoga deviation and even used my video.



Ultimate defeat of the white sugar tattva

UPDATE 26th April 2018: To clarify claims that animal bones are used to produce sugar:

In Europe and America, 99% of sugar is made from sugar beet:

Bone char filters are not used to process beet sugar, because this type of sugar doesn’t require the same extensive decolorization. Instead the beets’ juice is removed through use of a diffuser and mixed with additives to make the juice crystalize. (

Bone char—often referred to as natural carbon—is widely used by the sugar industry as a decolorizing filter, which allows the sugar cane to achieve a white color. Bone char is made from the bones of cattle who were slaughtered in foreign countries and sold to traders in other foreign countries, who then sell the bones back to the U.S. sugar industry. Typically, sugar is made from sugarcane, sugar beets, or coconutsBeet and coconut sugar are never processed with bone char. (

I had interesting email conversation in last few says.


White sugar is an intoxicating substance

In the four regulatory principles of Prabhupada, there is “not to take intoxicants”: alcohol, coffee, tea, drugs, smoking. He did not know that white sugar is whitened with lime without the knowledge of consumers, because there is no written in the ingredients. So for this reason ISKCON is used in temples, but it is time for it to be counted among the intoxicants and be replaced with other untreated sweeteners or fructose which is very cheap.



Radhanath baba’s guru

You think that Radhanath baba is disciple of Prabhupada? Well, you are wrong. Unfortunately, this place is already taken by Shannon Gannon. 😀 😀 😀 So, since Radhanath baba is disciple of Shannon, if you become disciple of Radhanath baba, then Shannon indirectly becomes your guru. Is there anything better than having grandma guru who can make a tea and cookies for you and teach you yoga?



Trading crypto-currency, yes or no

One devotee tried to make some money by inducing other devotees trade in crypto currency.

From Prabhupada’s books, we can learn that trading something which is intrinsically worthless constitutes gambling, and introducing others into the same nonsene additionally constitutes cheating. Prabhupada also called it speculation.



Positive opportunity (according to Radhanath baba)

Here, Radhanath’s baba is trying to teach us very important lesson. Successful person sees “positive opportunity” in everything. Something to learn. But what is there to learn? This can be whatever you imagine it to be. I mean Prabhupada was very straightforward, he said material world is not a place for gentleman, and that we need to get out of it. Material world is full of danger on every step, dukhalayam asasvatam. And we have only one thing to learn in this material world, and that is that we need to become devotee of Krishna and go Back to Godhead.



Being simple (as explained by Radhanath baba)

What it means to be simple? According to Radhanath baba, simple means to be content with what is meaningful and valuable. 😀 😀 😀 This can be whatever you imagine it to be. Some people thing money is valuable, others think that TV is valuable, and majority of people think their cat or dog are valuable. So, what is really valuable, baba didn’t explain. And therefore this quote is useless.

Prabhupada was very open and straightforward, he emphasised all the time that Krishna consciousness is most valuable thing. And to be simple, that means that you repeat words of your spiritual master instead of becoming circus new age fake guru.


Being grateful (as explained by Radhanath baba)

You can be grateful for many things, and with new age gurus like Radhanath Swami, it’s important to feel gratitude. Gratitude for what? For “any little thing”? What a hell is “any little thing”? Prabhupada didn’t come to the west to bring “any little thing”, he came to bring the greatest treasure possible. And that is an opportunity to become pure devotee of Lord Krishna. My God, how this guy ever made it to the “ISKCON guru” list, that list is severely compromised.


Caring for each other (by Radhanath baba)

I always felt spiritual when I took care for my pig. And now I finally found a guru who confirmed it. Now I know that when I feed my pig, I am walking a spiritual path. Therefore, to become even more spiritual, I took inspiration from this russian girl to feed my pig with flowers. Now, sincerely, tell me, when I can get initiation from Radhanath baba?


Nonsense concert tattva

Many people are wondering how Krishna consciousness in USA is in such a bad shape. It’s
in bad share because leaders are nonsense people. And now, to save western mission, we need Hridayananda das Goswami. Actually, to use indian names is not allowed in Krishna West since it can scare people off, so let’s just call him Howard das Goswami. Now, Howard das Goswami will save Prabhupada’s mission through the medium of jeans and lasagna. Now, when Howard das Goswami is GBC for Brazil, we can call Krishna West nonsense one of the official ISKCON theologies. By the way, I don’t think that Howard, aka Lasagna-man will be able to make any significant breakthrough.


ISKCON guru starts blessing dogs

Message to fake ISKCON gurus: Please stop doing so much nonsense, I am hardly keeping up.

Disciple of AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada participated in ceremony where he was blessing dogs.


The whole problem here is that we should tell people not to worship dogs, they should worship God. That was Prabhupada’s idea.

But, who cares for Prabhupada these days, fake gurus in ISKCON certainly don’t care for his instructions, neither the GBC body cares, because they are also compromised. So, it’s more profitable to just “go along” and “bless dogs” than to actually preach to people to stop doing nonsense.

Bhaktimarga Swami published an interesting post on his blog where he added a link to the very interesting newspaper article about his preaching activities:

Ok, let’s open that newspaper article he quoted and see what is the preaching strategy:


Do you want to go back to Godhead? Be careful, if you choose wrong guru, you could find yourself assisting in a dog blessing ceremony.

Prabhupada about dog worship

Devotee (2): Dogs. They have too many.

Prabhupada: Animal worship. Yes. The worshiping tendency is there, so if they have no information of God-worshiping, they must worship dog. One must worship, but if they have no chance to worship God, they must worship dog.

Pusta Krsna: They can’t stop the worshiping tendency.

Prabhupada: No. (Conversation October 15, 1975)

Rising above dog bless level

Prabhupada: If we transfer these activities to God, we can become Kṛṣṇa conscious. That is what we are teaching. We advise that what you are doing for some nonsense, do it for God. That is Kṛṣṇa consciousness. It is not difficult. But if I want to love a dog and become a dog in my next life, instead of loving God and becoming like God in the next life, that is my choice. The prison and university are open to everyone, and by making our choice, we can make our future destiny. These boys and girls are worshiping God, and people criticize them, but when a man worships a dog, he is not criticized. In this way society has progressed. When one worships God, he is criticized, and when he worships dog, he is considered a gentleman. So it is folly to be wise where ignorance is bliss. (Interview with the New York Times — September 2, 1972, New Vrindaban)