Chaste and shy

GBC body introduces masturbation and sex toys

You don't want to criticise anybody? You don't want to be "envious offender" like Hanuman? Ok, then you will have to live in a movement taken over by weirdos and various other kinds of perverts. Furthermore, you will have to believe that all the weirdos and perverts are actually pure devotee. And you will also have to believe that such weirdos and perverts will take you back to Godhead. When Srila Prabhupada is represented by rascals and deviants, and you remain silent, you also get implicated in the sinful reaction. (more…)

ISKCON’s “pure devotees” started introducing orgasm-tattva

Ok, according to my degradation timeline, ISKCON was not supposed to have orgasm seminars till 2020, but I was wrong. For 75$, you can enjoy orgasm seminar today. When initiated ISKCON members start giving seminars about orgasm, and they mention their ISKCON guru on the same page, this is the time when you need to start worrying. (more…)

A boy who liked to sing and dance with girls, but he was not Krishna

Ok, time to get to ABC of Krishna consciousness again: We are eternal servant, of Krishna, but due to being illusioned by Maya, we are trying to enjoy this material world. Greatest illusion of this world is entanglement with opposite sex, therefore, in Krishna consciousness, association with opposite sex is RESTRICTED. Krishna created 4 asramas: brahmacari doesn't have any contact with women, grhasta has contact with his own wife only, vanaprastha has contact with his own wife only or he sometimes he is alone, sannyasi doesn't have any contact with women.  (more…)

ISKCON is rejoicing as Radhanath baba introduces bikini-saints

Ok, first a word of warning. This article is not for you unless you are really spiritual advanced. I mean really, really spiritually advanced. You must be either connected with Ramesh baba, or you have to be at least on the level of sannyasi with female secretary, otherwise you  will not be able to understand this article. Even worse, prematurely jumping into the bikini-prema could backfire on your spiritual life. (more…)

GBC body launches Krishna Wex movement

Remember the outrage when first Hridayananda das Goswami became member of the GBC body and GBC for Brazil, as concluded in the mid-term GBC meeting? Well, it seems things started improving since he took reins of Brazil after being empowered by the GBC body in October last year. Here, we see that he is setting up preaching in a proper way according to standard of chastity and shyness and prescribed by Prabhupada. In this article, we analyze newest facebook post by his disciple Giridhari das, who manages ISKCON center called "Pandava paradise": (more…)

Capati guru vs lion guru, your choice

Can somebody remind me what is the purpose of Hare Krishna movement? Can somebody remind me why Srila Prabhupada came to the west? I thought that Prabhupada came to establish true religion, and blast mayavadis, sahajiyas and all other types of nonsense people. Prabhupada came to destroy nonsense philosophies because those philosophies only bewilder people. (more…)