Chaste and shy

GBC body introduces masturbation and sex toys

You don't want to criticise anybody? You don't want to be "envious offender" like Hanuman? Ok, then you will have to live in a movement taken over by weirdos and various other kinds of perverts. Furthermore, you will have to believe that all the weirdos and perverts are actually pure devotee. And you will also have to believe that such weirdos and perverts will take you back to Godhead. When Srila Prabhupada is represented by rascals and deviants, and you remain silent, you also get implicated in the sinful reaction. (more…)

ISKCON’s “pure devotees” started introducing orgasm-tattva

Ok, according to my degradation timeline, ISKCON was not supposed to have orgasm seminars till 2020, but I was wrong. For 75$, you can enjoy orgasm seminar today. When initiated ISKCON members start giving seminars about orgasm, and they mention their ISKCON guru on the same page, this is the time when you need to start worrying. (more…)