GBC body suspends Rupa Goswami

In their attempt to consolidate power and eliminate any opposition, GBC body stranded into very serious problems by directly opposing Srila Prabhupada. They have decided to "approve" gurus and convert them into harmless puppies who are not able to say one word against GBC body's dubious decisions. My website is full of such dubious decisions. (more…)

Retarded Gestapo officer strikes back

I like annoying Gestapo officers. Many brainless ISKCON followers feel that their world is falling apart due to my website. Well, guys, I am not obliged to help you maintain your imagined Krishna consciousness. One of the interesting things to notice with this guy is that he is enemy of Srila Prabhupada. How can we easily recognize this? Well, he didn't quote Prabhupada even once. And, in his previous email, he also didn't quote Prabhupada, he quoted from eleventh canto of Srimad Bhagavatam which is not translated by Prabhupada. In other words, he is allergic to Prabhupada. But he is very eager to attack those who expose cheaters. Why? Because he is cheater himself and he likes living in the society of cheaters and cheated. Therefore, my website is big thorn in his fake world of retarded "Krishna consciousness". (more…)

How to discuss with inquisitors after they burn your book

Why do we have secular states in western Europe and America and pretty much throughout the whole world? Well, it's because many societies already tried to have religious organisation deeply embedded in the state. And when the church and the state were merged together, well, the church became little playful, they were burning people, and torturing them in various ways, you know, the "Holy" inquisition. (more…)

What China communist party and ISKCON have in common

Well, both ISKCON and China communist party, are very happy to ban books. ISKCON banned Bhakti Vikasa Swami's book without even speaking with him, and China banned ... well, look for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo-zrPEV8tU  


Book banning makes you guilty as hell. China is not allowing people in Australia to publish books about them? Seriously? Similarly, writing a book which actually supports Prabhupada's teachings is no longer welcome in ISKCON.


Every organism has some system of defending itself against a disease. That system is called immune system. Similarly, every society has some kind of immune system against those who are trying to damage the society. For criminals, we have police and justice system, which of course has many flaws, but it somewhat works in normal countries. For the government officials, there is also immune system, which is called journalists, social media and so on. If some government official makes a mistake, journalists will create public pressure and that official might even be forced to step down. If he doesn't step down, the the whole ruling party might get implicated. More recent example is australian deputy prime minister, who was forced to resign because he had an affair with his female secretary. I am sure many ISKCON sannyasis can learn a lot from his example. (more…)

Lying for Krishna?

I was always wondering how it is possible that I was banned from coming to a local temple just because I don't believe Ramesh baba is divine and because I couldn't accept sannyasis with female secretaries. Well, little did I know, that this is standard practice in ISKCON, nonsense is always protected, especially if nonsense is done by "pure devotees", and those who point out things which are very wrong are called "offenders". Actually, I am lucky that I wasn't killed. (more…)

Insight into the mind of a brainless follower

When deviations and mistakes are exposed in the Hare Krishna movement, that is a first step in fixing the problem. Thanks to my website, all of the sudden, doing mistakes has become very expensive. You can be a sannyasi with a girlfriend and Ramesh follower, but everybody will know about this nonsense. Actually, it is not everybody, but many people will know. (more…)