Positive opportunity (according to Radhanath baba)

Here, Radhanath’s baba is trying to teach us very important lesson. Successful person sees “positive opportunity” in everything. Something to learn. But what is there to learn? This can be whatever you imagine it to be. I mean Prabhupada was very straightforward, he said material world is not a place for gentleman, and that we need to get out of it. Material world is full of danger on every step, dukhalayam asasvatam. And we have only one thing to learn in this material world, and that is that we need to become devotee of Krishna and go Back to Godhead.



Being simple (as explained by Radhanath baba)

What it means to be simple? According to Radhanath baba, simple means to be content with what is meaningful and valuable. 😀 😀 😀 This can be whatever you imagine it to be. Some people thing money is valuable, others think that TV is valuable, and majority of people think their cat or dog are valuable. So, what is really valuable, baba didn’t explain. And therefore this quote is useless.

Prabhupada was very open and straightforward, he emphasised all the time that Krishna consciousness is most valuable thing. And to be simple, that means that you repeat words of your spiritual master instead of becoming circus new age fake guru.


Being grateful (as explained by Radhanath baba)

You can be grateful for many things, and with new age gurus like Radhanath Swami, it’s important to feel gratitude. Gratitude for what? For “any little thing”? What a hell is “any little thing”? Prabhupada didn’t come to the west to bring “any little thing”, he came to bring the greatest treasure possible. And that is an opportunity to become pure devotee of Lord Krishna. My God, how this guy ever made it to the “ISKCON guru” list, that list is severely compromised.