Radhanath Swami

For 9200 USD, Radhanath baba sells mayavadi Bhagavad-gita

On this most auspicious day of appearance of Srila Prabhupada, who is best of all yogis, we continue to expose cheaters who are changing his teachings to accommodate mayavadis, and extract money from them. Do you want to become gymnastic yogi? Do you want to become "spiritual" ? Do you want to earn a lot of money by teaching people how to reduce their fat? Well, you are on the right place? You can achieve all that and more if you enroll to a "super spiritual" Yoga teacher training course in Govardhana Eco village: (more…)

ISKCON is rejoicing as Radhanath baba introduces bikini-saints

Ok, first a word of warning. This article is not for you unless you are really spiritual advanced. I mean really, really spiritually advanced. You must be either connected with Ramesh baba, or you have to be at least on the level of sannyasi with female secretary, otherwise you  will not be able to understand this article. Even worse, prematurely jumping into the bikini-prema could backfire on your spiritual life. (more…)

Hangout with Dhamesvara prabhu – guessing quote authors

UPDATE: After a mild Gestapo suggestion from his guru Vaisesika, Dhamesvara requested me to remove this video, which I rejected because I also invested my time in this video. In this video, I am trying to guess the author of 33 quotes that Dhamesvara prabhu prepared, we are also discussing Krishna consciousness in between. (more…)

The real magic of life is the wisdom of our own divinity

You wanna see something really retarded? Radhanath baba learned to quote Prabhupada without actually quoting Prabhupada. He said that Prabhupada said something, but it is not clear what Prabhupada really said. Radhanath baba also mentions some verse from Bhagavad-gita, but he doesn't quote the verse either.  :D :D :D Rather, Radhanath Swami explains that Srila Prabhupada quoted a verse, we don't know which one, and by that verse, Krishna meant that "The real magic of life is the wisdom of our own divinity". :D :D :D Both Krishna and Prabhupada never gave that kind of statement. Prabhupada was not Dalai-salami nor he was mayavadi preacher like Radhanath baba. (more…)

Interview with monster-maha-bhagavat-uttama offender fault-finder daemon

My God, did you see what happened few days ago? Henry Doktorski recorded an interview. What a heck ... Did he ask permission from the GBC? How can people just talk? I don't understand. You can't just talk with people, record this conversation and then publish that on youtube. This is not ok. We don't support free speech. (more…)

Mayavadi stance – Srila Prabhupada vs Radhanath baba

Krishna consciousness as it was

Prabhupāda: Yes. When you say, "O my Lord, You have no leg, You have no hand, You have no eyes," that means, "You are blind, You are lame, You are headless," (laughter) "You have no sense"-"You are nonsense." So this is prayer. This is their prayer. So we have to fight vigorously with these rascal impersonalists and voidists. When I was talking, somebody left the meeting in the morning. Yes. That means he could not tolerate (laughs) all these designations-rascal, miscreants, lowest of the mankind. Yes. (Room conversation, Surat, Dec 12st, 1970)

Astounding differences

Do you remember varna asrama? Well, if you are reading Prabhupada's books, you surely remember that word, since something regarding varna-asrama is mentioned every 10 to 15 pages in Prabhupada's books. But the interesting thing is to notice the astounding difference how various Prabhupada's disciple approach this topic. (more…)

Going loud

Hopefully inspired by my post from yesterday, Jai das decided to write an email to Anuttama das, ISKCON's public relations officer. It's a nice letter, and we need more of such letters. This is how you mount pressure. This is how you become relevant. This letter is not offensive and it was written according to proper etiquette. (more…)

Lying for Krishna?

I was always wondering how it is possible that I was banned from coming to a local temple just because I don't believe Ramesh baba is divine and because I couldn't accept sannyasis with female secretaries. Well, little did I know, that this is standard practice in ISKCON, nonsense is always protected, especially if nonsense is done by "pure devotees", and those who point out things which are very wrong are called "offenders". Actually, I am lucky that I wasn't killed. (more…)

Radhanath baba’s guru

You think that Radhanath baba is disciple of Prabhupada? Well, you are wrong. Unfortunately, this place is already taken by Shannon Gannon. :D :D :D So, since Radhanath baba is disciple of Shannon, if you become disciple of Radhanath baba, then Shannon indirectly becomes your guru. Is there anything better than having grandma guru who can make a tea and cookies for you and teach you yoga? (more…)