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Gender discrimination continues in the United States

Today, we saw a disturbing article on facebook, where Indian guru and sannyasi performed initiations in San Diego without bringing his wife Kunti dasi who is faithfully serving him for many years. And the only reason he didn't bring his wife to initiation ceremony, is too keep his manly image as a sannyasi and big renunciant. I must say this is not ok. This is the facebook post announcing inititation ceremony. (more…)

Advertisement – buy apartment near renunciant’s luxury villas

Ok, one thing to remember, sannyasis don't have luxury villas, ok? It's just that nonsense fault-finder Hanuman das is spreading false information, ok? Or maybe they do have villas, but it's ok, it's acintya bheda-abheda tattva. They are renounced and in the same time they are not renounced. This is new ISKCON philosophy. When they receive donations, then they are renunciants, and when they buy luxury villas, they renounce renunciation itself. (more…)

Sri Sri porn temple president tattva

Now, here is a joke, how long does it take to remove temple president who watches porn and visits prostitutes. Depends on the organisation, in ISKCON, it takes more than 10 years, and probably it will never happen. Porn temple presidents are actually ok, because we have to be "merciful". And we should not "look for faults". :D (more…)

Sri Sri panca sannyasi girlfriend tattva

Ok, one year ago, when I made documentary about ISKCON sannyasi who travelled around the world for 10 years, I was wondering how it is possible that he was not sanctioned. When If found second sannyasi who had two secretaries, and one of them wanted to rip my balls out, I started to develop some doubts. When I found third and fourh sannyasis with girlfriend who were indian, then I understood that there is something very wrong with this movement. And now I even discovered real sannyasi-grhasta, who has his own house, and he is living there with attractive woman, full of money, and wearing sannyasi begging cloth at the same time. I find that quite cool. Let's send him an email. (more…)

Hospitals – The final defeat

Continuing for my previous post called Ghost quote, Giriraja Swami provides the quote, I was not able to find it initially, because transcriber made a mistake and wrote "hopitals" and Giriraja Swami changed word "bed" to "beds". Now, I make my final argument, quoting direct order from Prabhupada for sannyasis not to mess with mundane welfare and comparing hospitals with gas stations. Another clear supporter of hospital tattva nonsense is exposed.
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Giriraja Swami’s hospital support

Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2017 06:56:27 +0000
Subject: question about mundane welfare
From: Hanuman das
Dear Giriraj Swami, please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. A concerned devotee sent me youtube link where you seem to support mundane welfare activities. You can video this video below. (more…)