Bir Krishna Goswami

World is rejoicing as “pure devotees” mercifully introduce Volleyballanam

Yesterday, one devotee from Slovakia told me that they kicked out some guy who was having sex with new girls that joined Krishna consciousness. I told him that people who had a lot of sex in Croatia become temple presidents. Our temple president in Zagreb told me personally 15 years ago, how he had sex with only 20 girls that summer, which is big decrease over previous year. And then he also had sex with some black girl while he was working in Africa, and then they divorced. And he also kicked me from temple because I quoted Prabhupada who that said divorce is not good. So, Slovakian devotee asked me what was his facebook profile, and as I went to paste his facebook profile, I found very interesting post: (more…)

“Pure devotees” now claim that Lord Caitanya ate mushrooms

If you are member of ISKCON, it is important to never be envious. And how can you know if you are envious? If you are fault-finding, you are envious. And out of all fault-finding types, worst is fault-finding pure devotees. This is preached by "pure devotees" in ISKCON because they don't want you to find any faults in them. Because there are no faults, if you see any faults, that is because you are envious. Other than that, all "pure devotees" in ISKCON are pure. And who decided who is pure devotee? Well, "pure devotees" from the GBC body decided who is pure. (more…)

When Krishna consciousness becomes a circus

Some devotees are organising programs which portray Prabhupada as a clown, and his movement as a cheap new age community of brainless people. I am not worried about that, I am worried that nobody is protesting. Everybody is silent, so called leaders are silent, majority of so called lion gurus are as silent as a harmless puppies. Well, Prabhupada has at least one faithful follower in America, who is not tolerating this nonsense, instead, he is speaking out. He made a webpage against yoga deviation and even used my video. (more…)

Mushroom acarya appears to the delight of all mushroom lovers

Great spy report from today, another guru who thinks he is smarter than Prabhupada and that he knows better than Prabhupada what Krishna likes to eat. And remember, it is not problem that he offered mushrooms to Krishna, problem is that envious Hanuman made post about it. Srila Prabhupada says:
Because mushrooms grow in a filthy place, they are not usually offered to Krishna. (