Bhakti Vikasa Swami

The philosophy of “unity in stupidity”

Main point of ISKCON's "unity in stupidity" philosophy is that you should never, I mean absolutely never, criticise guru-list gurus. As you can see in the above photo, Dhira Nitai, disciple of Bhakti Tirtha Swami, in this facebook post is wondering how it is possible that Bhakti Vikasa Swami's disciples broke the first rule of "unity in stupidity" philosophy. They dared to disagree with  Bhakti Tirtha Swami's philosophy in the following article: (more…)

Peace wars

As Kali-yuga progresses, more and more deviants appear on horizon. Even so called "saints", and "followers" of Prabhupada, started distorting his original teachings. The job of a genuine guru is to fight nonsense and establish the real truth. And this is exactly what happened, watch both of these videos and you will understand why. (more…)

How to discuss with inquisitors after they burn your book

Why do we have secular states in western Europe and America and pretty much throughout the whole world? Well, it's because many societies already tried to have religious organisation deeply embedded in the state. And when the church and the state were merged together, well, the church became little playful, they were burning people, and torturing them in various ways, you know, the "Holy" inquisition. (more…)

Astounding differences

Do you remember varna asrama? Well, if you are reading Prabhupada's books, you surely remember that word, since something regarding varna-asrama is mentioned every 10 to 15 pages in Prabhupada's books. But the interesting thing is to notice the astounding difference how various Prabhupada's disciple approach this topic. (more…)

Pushya abhisek fraud exposed

Difference between nonsense and real Krishna consciousness. Pushya abhikesa is consequence of ISKCON having too many "brainless followers" and "playful gurus". And of course, nobody can oppose this nonsense, because that is "offence". So, it's a big struggle for me personally, I have to choose between make "offenses" or remain brainless. I'll take "offences" path, so let me pronounce an offense: Pushya abhisek is nonsense, and Radhanath baba, person who invented it, is a toy guru. Luckily, this time a good friend of mine already did what was supposed to be done, he made a video about it, and genuine guru took the trouble to say the real truth. (more…)

Conviction without trial

Feminists in the GBC body started panicking. And the source of panic is new book by Bhakti Vikasa Swami called "Women: Masters or mothers". Leadership of any organization is entitled to ban books which they consider dangerous for wider body of their members. But banning of books should be last measure to prevent deviant philosophies. Since this book contains mostly Srila Prabhupada quotes, a million dollar question is what is actual deviation within this book? (more…)