Bhakti Caitanya Swami

ISKCON introduces hypocrite Gestapo masters

You wanna go back to Godhead? You wanna crack jokes with Krishna on Govardhana pasturing grounds? Not so easy boy, you can't go there directly. You will have to go back to Godhead through hypocrite Gestapo masters of ISKCON, that is the only way. (more…)

CSS – Comfortable sannyas syndrome

Sannyas life is full of inconveniences. You have to travel a lot, facilities where you might stay might sometimes be in your comfort zone, sometimes not. However, sannyas life was never about comfort, it was always about making sacrifices for the preaching mission. But, for Bhakti Caitanya Swami, he wants to achieve comfort, and he is ready pay big cash for comfortable living. And his disciples are ready to finance comfortable sannyas asrama instead of financing preaching projects. Today, we are sharing a video and a few letters with photos, which describe comfortable living arrangement of Bhakti Caitanya Swami and the amounts of money needed to accomplish that. (more…)

Plant-based Prabhupada

If you put double quotes "like this", that means you are quoting somebody, if you are quoting somebody, you should not quote something which that person never said. If you do that, that means you are low class cheater. As Radhanath baba is spreading his "peace, tolerance, love everybody, cure the eye, feed the karmi school children" nonsense, we no longer don't even dare to quote Prabhupada properly. (more…)