Dina Sarana ACBSP

Partial agreement reached on Sacinandana Swami issue

UPDATE 9 Dec 2017: This was all lying and cheating. Sacinandana baba was caught numerous time with Bhanu Nandini after this date. See here for example.
I have 3 major problems with Sacinandana Swami:
  1. Having unmarried female secretary.
  2. Living with unmarried female secretary.
  3. Promoting Ramesh baba.

11th letter – Sannyasi ex secretary therapy

Ok, there is attempt from a sannyasi minister to resolve situation, the attempt is that Sacinandana Swami will no longer have female secretary, but he should be allowed to live together with his ex secretary on the same property. What for? For therapeutic purposes? I truly hope this was a joke or misunderstanding. (more…)