Badrinarayana Swami

Badrinarayana Swami joins butt guru alliance

What is one of the worst offences you can do toward Prabhupada and his legacy? It is to show your butt to Deities and practice fake gymnastic yoga in front of them. That means you defy Krishna and you defy anything Prabhupada stood for. So, devotee who accuse me and my website of "being offensive" always remain silent about this kind of gross deviations. Here is a video of recent happening in ISKCON temple Utah, where "devotees" and karmis show their butt to Krishna together as a form of cooperation. (more…)

Nonsense concert tattva

Many people are wondering how Krishna consciousness in USA is in such a bad shape. It's in bad share because leaders are nonsense people. And now, to save western mission, we need Hridayananda das Goswami. Actually, to use indian names is not allowed in Krishna West since it can scare people off, so let's just call him Howard das Goswami. Now, Howard das Goswami will save Prabhupada's mission through the medium of jeans and lasagna. Now, when Howard das Goswami is GBC for Brazil, we can call Krishna West nonsense one of the official ISKCON theologies. By the way, I don't think that Howard, aka Lasagna-man will be able to make any significant breakthrough. (more…)

GBC Agent Spineless Jelly

UPDATE May 22nd 2018: After butt yoga video, we decided to reveal identity of Agent Spineless Jelly.


I start writing GBC members about ex escort agency manager who is supporting fashion shows and disco dance in ISKCON. This GBC member said he was writing to "me personally" and that "I should not circulate it" so I will have to hide his identity. Spineless jellies never have public stance on any issue. (more…)