Wind of change

Great stuff, if you are just reading articles on my website, you are not getting the real picture, real stuff are the lives changed, and the lives changed are visible from conversations. It is magnificent to see that not everybody agrees to be sheep in North Korean ISKCON regime, where you are not allowed to say anything against "pure devotee" sannyasis who travel around the world with pretty unmarried secretary girl and follow Ramesh baba. More and more people are becoming aware of great ping pong coverup, where you have to believe that pure devotee guru doesn't chant on japa because his hand has some weird disease. But as soon as he starts playing ping pong, hand is cured. Luckily, more and more people are becoming genuine devotees who can use their brain to discriminate nonsense from reality for the benefit of all. You can almost feel as Radhanath baba's and Sacinandana baba's world is falling apart as people are finally able to see the light of day. (more…)

Closing in on the Swami, part 2

A million dollar question in recent weeks is "Does Sacinandana Swami live with his girlfriend Bhanu Nandini or not?". One potential Sacinandanda Swami disciple warned me that it is not proper for me to call secretary "a girlfriend" because that implies there is love affair between them. From one side, it is correct, I have absolutely no evidence that they ever ended up in bed. However, sannyasi living with unmarried woman is improper. When questioned, sannyasi will not even deny that fact. That means he is hiding something. And why is he hiding it? Because The GBC has said that SNS cannot live with his girl friend, nor can he associate with her, especially by themselves or even with only another devotee present.” This is the current GBC stance on the issue. Now they are looking for evidence that he broke this agreement. This raises my suspicion. Therefore, the term "girlfriend" kicks in. Life of sannyasi should be very open and straightforward, why the secrecy? So, to sum up, For the last month or so, I am not able to track down Bhanu Nandini at all. Why? There are only two options:
  • a) They are not living together
  • b) They are living together but they are afraid that GBC will crack them down.
Option a) is not likely, since I dragged this issue through the whole Internet, so there is not a single Sacinandana Swami disciple who willing to tell me the where Bhanu Nandini is living to save his guru's reputation? On the other hand, I have this photo, which suggests they are living together. I published that photo in one of my previous posts. Option b) is therefore most likely. But Prahladananda Swami as sannyasi minister will not do anything about that. He needs proof from first hand witness who can confirm that they are living together as he describes in his letter to me. And no Sacinandana Swami disciple will betray his guru, because they all think he is a gopi who is living with another gopi. And those close disciples who are able to testify are carefully selected and must be completely brainwashed into sahajiya lila to be allowed into circle of most confidential associates of Sacinandana Swami. To be honest, most of senior Sacinandanda Swami disciples are probably well aware that he is living with Bhanu Nandini, but they are forced to live a lie, they forced themselves into this schizophrenic thinking that they are following guru, pure devotee, who will take them back to Godhead, but in the same time, their sannyasi leader is living with unmarried woman for 5 years. Now, these posts about Sacinandanda Swami are wildly popular, much more popular than my other cases, so I am inviting all my readers, Sacinandana Swami disciples especially, to save this movement from disgrace and come out with information on whereabouts of Bhanu nandini. There is one click facebook login below this post, so please tell me whereabouts of Bhanu Nandini for last 5 years.

The castle

Newest investigations lead me to castle 100 km north west of Berlin, called Veda Academy. This is newest potential place where Bhanu Nandini is living with Sacinandana Swami. This project is also advertised on Sacinandana Swami's website Also, note carefully how Bhanu Nandini describes her service on ISKCON desire tree "Secretary of HH Sacinandana Swami"

Dark past

Here is the letter from ISKCON guru who wished to remain anonymous, he sent me this letter after I published my first open letter to Sacinandana Swami
Hare Krishna Hanuman Prabhu, pamho agtsp yes this is a terrible deviation and it has gone on since long. Thus so many devotees in your country are being poisoned by mayavadi Philosophy. Krishna das one day, Ramesh on another, Sacinandanda Swami never stops to drag people way from Srila Prabhupada. Same happend in the past when he introduced so many of his disciples to Narayana M. Sacinandana Maharaja has no discretion and is associating in so many ways with asat sanga, and his followers are thus exposed to this poison. Lord Chaitanya has said, that anyone who hears Mayavadi is ruined. Does he have to personally appear to Sacinandana Swami to tell him that? Maharaja does not listen to anyone in the world short of God Himself. (besides of having of course an open ear to Krishna das, Ramesh Baba, and every other Mayavadi, such as Ravi Shankar with who he shared the dais in Berlin last year. In any case, we need to do something about it and your letter is valuable.
And remember, sooner or later truth prevails, as case against Sacinandanda Swami on this website is growing day by day, it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore it, and from the other hand you can't defeat it because it is true.

Closing in on the Swami, part 1

James Bond movies, not allowed in Krishna consciousness, Star wars movies, not allowed in Krishna consciousness. Chasing fake sannyasis through Germany, 100% bonafide way to protect Srila Prabhupada's legacy. This is transcript of chat conversation between me and devotee from Germany which happened in May 2016. He brings in some valuable info about whereabouts of Sacinandana Swami and Bhanu Nandini and their relationship. GBC considers this info "inconclusive". You can judge for yourself. Where appropriate, I replaced some words with letter "X" to protect identity of devotee. I added my comments in between the chat messages where I felt additional explanation is needed.