BREAKING NEWS – Kavicandra Swami wows to prevent further Chicken yatras


Word of advice, If you are deviant ISKCON leader, please don't try to add me as friend on facebook because I am kinda allergic to deviations. This incident started when Bali das (Bolaji Rosiji) sent me a friend request on facebook. Before confirming friendship, I reviewed his facebook profile, the rest is history. (more…)

Partial agreement reached on Sacinandana Swami issue

UPDATE 9 Dec 2017: This was all lying and cheating. Sacinandana baba was caught numerous time with Bhanu Nandini after this date. See here for example.
I have 3 major problems with Sacinandana Swami:
  1. Having unmarried female secretary.
  2. Living with unmarried female secretary.
  3. Promoting Ramesh baba.

BREAKING NEWS – GBC body member claims resolution 313 is fake

As you will see from the letter below, resolution 313 is fake, how to explain this? GBC body incompetence knows no limits, that is one expanation. And second explanation is that feminist group within GBC through they were stronger than they really are. Backlash from banning this book was too strong, so now they are retreating. (more…)

Second open letter to Malati “prabhu” – Freedom of speech

Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2016 06:36:39 +0000
Subject: open letter - Freedom of speech
From: Hanuman das
"" <>
Dear Malati "prabhu", please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. You didn't reply to my last letter. I forgot to mention that whenever you don't reply, I assume you agree with everything I wrote. (more…)

Conviction without trial

Feminists in the GBC body started panicking. And the source of panic is new book by Bhakti Vikasa Swami called "Women: Masters or mothers". Leadership of any organization is entitled to ban books which they consider dangerous for wider body of their members. But banning of books should be last measure to prevent deviant philosophies. Since this book contains mostly Srila Prabhupada quotes, a million dollar question is what is actual deviation within this book? (more…)


So, let’s analyse my sins from the past half year and the whole background. Major point of contention with the temple board is that I didn’t relay my grievances through “proper channels”, namely local authorities and the GBC, but rather, I did it publicly. (more…)