Capati guru vs lion guru, your choice

When I touched yogini's feet, I was enlightened

Capati guru vs lion guru, your choice

Can somebody remind me what is the purpose of Hare Krishna movement? Can somebody remind me why Srila Prabhupada came to the west? I thought that Prabhupada came to establish true religion, and blast mayavadis, sahajiyas and all other types of nonsense people. Prabhupada came to destroy nonsense philosophies because those philosophies only bewilder people.

And genuine Prabhupada disciples who want to be gurus must follow the same preaching pattern, otherwise they are disciples only by name.

Prabhupada says yoga is a waste of time

Devotee: Can hatha-yoga hinder or help Krsna consciousness, or is it…?

Prabhupada: Hinder. Yes. Because it is useless, simply wasting time. You cannot perform hatha-yoga in this age. You do not follow the rules and regulations. You are simply bluffed. Do you know what is the rules and regulations of hatha-yoga factually?

Devotee: Not actually.

Prabhupada: Yes. You have to select a secluded place. Hatha-yoga is not practiced in assembly of so many men. Just you go to a hatha-yoga class. There are hundreds of members practicing, and he is collecting money, five dollars per seat. And you are thinking, “I am practicing.” That is useless waste of time and money. Hatha-yoga is not practiced in that way. You have to practice in a secluded place, alone. Do you do that?

Devotee: Yes. Not… No. I guess I don’t.

Prabhupada: It is very difficult in this age. Then you have to restrain yourself in so many things. Complete free from sex life. You have to eat under certain direction, you have to… So many things there are. These rules are not followed. Simply they have got some bodily gymnastic sitting posture. They are thinking, “I am practicing.” No. That is one of the items. So all the items cannot be observed in this age. Therefore it is wasting. (Srila Prabhupada, Colombus, Ohio, 1969)

Lion guru

Prabhupada’s genuine disciples such as Danavir Goswami follows the same conclusion and fights yoga nonsense. For example, you can read his excellent article called yoga mart on this issue.

Meet Krippy das, he is also an ISKCON guru

On the contrary, meet Krippy das, he is also supposed to be ISKCON guru, only problem is that he looks more like a plummer whose main hobby is to pretend to be guru and Prabhupada’s genuine follower.

As you can see, Kreepy das looks like he believes in “conquer the world with lasagna and jeans” philosophy which was recently introduced by GBC body when they made Hridayananda das Goswami the GBC for Brazil. Oh yea, we should not scare yoginis by wearing tilak, this will make them uncomfortable and it will prevent us from mingling with them later on.

This photo was taken from recent event callled “Bhakti Immmersion 2017” in which he participated.

Problem with this event is that nonsense yogi-bhogi was leading this event and he was touching feet with yoginis there. Also, notice the weird crew on the altar. I don’t have an idea who those guys are, but they are not Prabhupada:

This event was supposed to be called Feet Immersion, not Bhakti Immersion because it has nothing to do with Bhakti.

So, what was Kreepy das doing while sahajiya bhogi-yogi was touching feet with other women. Was he smashing this nonsense? Was he confronting him? No, he was in the kitchen, rolling capatis. 😀

And after the feet touching ceremony, there was usual brahmacari hand holding with girls nonsense which is also typical for sahajiya yoga groups.

Prabhupada’s followers are not supposed to associate with these nonsense people. By associating we them, we also become nonsense. This is not bridge preaching, this nonsense stupid people imagining themselves that they are Krishna conscious and that they are doing bridge preaching.

Suggestions for the next year

Dear Krippy das and participants of Feet Immersion festival, for the next year, I would also like you to invite this guy:

This guy is also “very spiritual” and he should too become ISKCON guru, like Kreepy das.


What a disgrace

Even karmis figured out that this “yoga with girls” nonsense is extremely retarded. Spiritual advancement through feet touching with girls and through hand holding with girls? It is so hilarious that even people who don’t have any idea about Prabhupada and his books are making fun of it:

If you consider this video “spiritual”, congratulations, you just became qualified to become disciple of Kreepy das.


GBC Body introduced “the guru list” to convince you that Kreepy das is bonafine ISKCON guru. I mean according to the GBC body, Kreepy das is as qualified to bring you back to Godhead as genuine guru Danavir das Goswami.

One must be quite retarded not to see there is something extremely wrong with ISKCON’s “guru list”. Such thing never existed in vaisnava society, and it almost seems as only purpose of “the guru list” is to make Prabhupada’s movement look stupid.

Guru list should be abolished, and prospective disciple has to decide who is bonafide guru. This is sole responsibility of disciple and he has to live with the consequences of this decision. All Prabhupada’s disciples have right to continue the parampara, provided that they follow Prabhupada perfectly, and parampara should not be administratively managed. Because, as you can see, they are in the process of destroying Prabhupada’s parampara.