Badrinarayana Swami joins butt guru alliance

Badrinarayana Swami joins butt guru alliance

What is one of the worst offences you can do toward Prabhupada and his legacy? It is to show your butt to Deities and practice fake gymnastic yoga in front of them. That means you defy Krishna and you defy anything Prabhupada stood for. So, devotee who accuse me and my website of “being offensive” always remain silent about this kind of gross deviations.

Here is a video of recent happening in ISKCON temple Utah, where “devotees” and karmis show their butt to Krishna together as a form of cooperation.

Video was removed in the meantime from facebook, but there are some related facebook posts still present:

Person on the video, who is “preaching” butt tattva is Jai Krishna das, and he is as ignorant about Prabhupada’s teachings as you can possibly be.

Who is responsible?

Zonal assignments 2017 reveal to us, that GBC for Utah is Badrinarayana Swami.

Badrinarayana Swami explaining butt tattva

I didn’t know

So, yea, maybe Badrinarayana Swami “didn’t know” about this nonsense, but he was supposed to know, he is the GBC for the area, that was his responsibility to know.

Didn’t know twice

This is not the first time this nonsense is happening, it also happened one year ago when temple president in Brazil showed his butt to Prabhupada. So, GBC had one year to organise themselves so that this nonsense doesn’t repeat. But they are incompetent and therefore it happened again.

The background

I mean, to prevent these kind of things happening, you don’t have to establish butt patrols or something. You just have to have common sense and some brain left. But GBC for Utah Badrinarayana Swami was not able to educate people who depend on him for education. He didn’t educate him about basic respect for Prabhupada. That is the major issue here. Both Badrinarayana Swami, temple president, pujari and all senior devotees in Utah are completely ignorant about importance of basic respect toward founder acarya and Krishna.

And all ISKCON members who don’t protest this nonsense by sharing my post are also partially guilty because they consider butt supporters to be pure devotees.

Butt gurus can thrive only in brainless environment where nobody protests about anything.

No consequences

If we were a serious movement, temple president in this temple would be replaced for this kind of grave mistake. But he will not be replaced, and butt offences will continue.

Consequence will be of course, that Badrinarayana Swami will be marked red on my website.

Luckily, Badrinarayana Swami is not “guru-list guru” and “pure devotee”, because all his disciples would go to butt-loka. I would this post will cause ISKCON authorities to think twice before doing nonsense and putting incompetent people to manage temples. No more free rides. If you want to be GBC, you have to be accountable, if you make a mistake, you get slammed publicly.