BREAKING NEWS: Krishna West introduces swearing to accommodate westerners

BREAKING NEWS: Krishna West introduces swearing to accommodate westerners

“ISKCON western mission is in great jeopardy. Unless we change, we will be extinct. We need a modern Hare Krishna movement. People think we are very strange, and therefore they are not joining us.” These are all arguments by Krishna West movement.

But, it’s still not working. Krishna West is not able to convert anybody, except fallen Prabhupada followers who are too lazy to wear dhoti.

Well, it seems they decided to take it a step further. You see, problem is that we as followers of Prabhupada, we don’t swear. We don’t use all those vulgar words that karmis use all the time. Therefore, when they speak with us, we sound to them like aliens.

One of the prominent members of Krishna West movement, Cyril Wohrer decided to change that. I will not use his initiated name so that I don’t scare you, because you might close this webpage if I utter any sanskrit words. So, bhakta Cyril decided to start swearing, so that he would sound normal to abnormal people.

Recently, on facebook, I received an interesting screenshot of an modern Krishna West conversation, it looks like this:


You see, when devotees start having conversations like this with karmis, then karmis will feel at home, and they will naturally join our movement. But when you preach a lot, and our bhakta Cyril is preaching a lot, then same language kinda slips while talking with devotees also. 😀

OK guys, let’s start swearing and bring some people to Krishna consciousness. All I can say is: “Krishna West is f***ing awesome.”

P.S. – In case you have any doubts about swearing, please write to Howard the Saint, he is new GBC for Brasil and he will be more than happy to explain swearing tattva.