Brave move

Brave move

Finally, Sivarama Swami have shown some boldness to speak against this yoga nonsense, cheating yoga is not only problematic in greater society, but it is also problem in ISKCON. Especially, Radhanath baba is cheating people by inviting them to pay big amounts of money for fake yoga sessions, just check my previous articles on the subject such as HEY GIRLS, Radhanath baba needs you to advertise yoga and BREAKING NEWS: Radhanath Swami joins Prabhupada’s enemies



  • Lloyd McKay

    Sivarama Swami forgot to mention that these types of yoga are not at all recommend for the Kali-Yuga. Only Bhakti Yoga and Chanting the Holy Names of the Lord are feasible methods for this age. Also no mention of the Yoga camps that some people have set up within the purview of “ISKCON”. Are these leaders ever going to do something about all this nonsense that is going on right under their noses? I mean is there not anyone of these leaders that will confront the individuals that are promoting so much junk and either get them rectified or have them go someplace else. Somehow I doubt it but we can always hope and pray. Nitai Gaurachandra. Hari Hari Bol !!!

  • PrabhupadaDisciple

    Not sure who he is speaking to. Anyone who confuses Yoga for fitness with Yoga for spirituality must get their heads checked. IMO, he is so right on the money that it sounds almost trivial and not worthwhile talking about. It’s like him making a video saying “grass is green, sky is blue, and roses are red.”

    Prabhupada always spoke against so-called teachers who used Yoga’s physical practice as a means of getting disciples. H. H. Sivarama Swami must also warn people against such false prophets.

    The fact is that we live in an age of anxiety. Anxiety is a physical symptom as much as mental. Yoga, in the popular physical practice (not philosophy), is an excellent means of addressing the physical symptoms for many people. Problem is when untrustworthy teachers con naive people into thinking it’s a sufficient replacement for Bhakti as we seek to return to Godhead.

    • Hrvoje Marjanovic

      Yoga for spiritually doesn’t exist in Kali-yuga, that is another form of cheating.