Book: The Journey Home debunked

Book: The Journey Home debunked

Today, we are publishing a book about ISKCON mayavadi infiltration.

Srila Prabhupada wanted to establish a society of Brahmanas. True brahmana is not able to tolerate deviations, lies, deceit, and mayavada philosophy. Any real brahmana will rise against nonsense, he will rise against enemies of acaryas. Brahmana is not a smiling Dalai-lama-like simpleton who doesn’t understand the nature of reality.

For those sincere persons who want to increase their cognitive abilities, we are publishing a book “The Journey Home debunked”

The author wrote this book under a pseudonym. This means he is an ISKCON intellectual who is still depending on ISKCON for his maintenance, or he is not willing to cut his ties with the corrupt organization.

The book is well researched, and the author is familiar with Krishna consciousness philosophy.

In order to change the balance of power in the world of Krishna consciousness, we need more honest and sincere people who are will to call thief a thief.

Since ISKCON is full of smiling Dalai-Lama gurus who sell their own mother to keep their status, this book is refreshing evidence that Absolute Truth didn’t die yet.

You can read the book here: The-Journey-Home-Debunked