Book about book changes

Book about book changes

While retarded ISKCON gurus are playing ping pong and not writing books at all, or are writing porno novels or books about forgiveness, real Srila Prabhupada disciples are writing books about real issues. The real issue is overediting of Srila Prabhupada’s books.

While so-called sannyasi minister Prahladanada Swami is trying to make you retarded by explaining that it is perfectly normal for a sannyasi to travel with an unmarried female assistant, Jaganath Misra das is trying to make you intelligent by explaining the standards in handling writing by founder acarya.

So, will you become an intelligent follower of Srila Prabhupada? Or will you become retarded sahajiya Gestapo follower of a sannyasi with a girlfriend, it’s all up to you. By his actions, every living entity is determining his own future.

My suggestion, stick with intelligent people. Here is a whole book about book changes.

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Also, you can check out my video about this issue:

6 lies about ISKCON book changes