Beginners guide for ISKCON guru selection

Beginners guide for ISKCON guru selection

When we get a human body, we intrinsically don’t want to be cheated. Therefore my website is so popular, because people see that I am telling the truth. My website contains the Absolute truth. For example, “sannyasi should not have a girlfriend”, that is Absolute truth. But Absolute truth is banned in ISKCON. If you speak the truth in ISKCON, you are “offender”, and only way you could possibly speak the truth is because you are “envious”.

And once people increase their understanding how they are being cheated, they start inquiring from people who speak the truth. And they stop inquiring from cheaters.

Today, I am publishing conversation from yesterday, where a sincere soul is trying to find a genuine guru. But since nobody from the GBC body cheaters will give him the real truth, he turned out to me. GBC body cheaters will introduce the “guru list” on which we can find sannyasis with girlfriends, gurus who play ping pong and croquet, gurus who eat mushrooms and claim that Caitanya Mahaprabhu ate mushrooms, which is all nonsense.

Chatting with me can be very scary and awakening, but the truth is bitter in the begging and sweet at the end.

Bhakta Joe: If I want to take initiation from whom I must from Iskcon or other gaudiya sampradaya s plz suggest me

Hanuman das: Did you read all Prabhupada’s books?

Bhakta Joe: Yees I am read not all his books but reading bhagwat gita and many small books

Hanuman das: You need to read Srimad Bhagavatam at least.
Before taking initiation.
Otherwise, you will be cheated.

Bhakta Joe: Hmmm
It is required to complete whole bhagwatam

Hanuman das: First 10 cantos.

Bhakta Joe: Oo

Hanuman das: Are you serious?
Do you want to go back to Godhead?

Bhakta Joe: Yees I need yess I want to go back to Godhead

Hanuman das: Do you think Krishna consciousness is some cheap thing like Sai baba?

Bhakta Joe: No
It is a universal mission

Hanuman das: So, then, better start working on your knowledge and your connection with Prabhupada by reading his books.
Bhakta Joe: Hmmm
Hanuman das: And Prabhupada will guide you to recognise his real disciple.

Bhakta Joe: Does it require a guru to deliver srimad bhagwatam to us
I want to take harinam diksa I know there are different levels of Diksha but I take the first one

Hanuman das: First you need to know who is real guru.
Otherwise you will not get guru.
You will get cheater.
Or someone only superficially dedicated to Prabhupada.

Bhakta Joe: Yeees now it is happening everywhere
Hmmm guru tatva
Do you see Prabhupad face to face?

Hanuman das: Not yet.

Bhakta Joe: But he is everywhere

Hanuman das: Prabhupada told us to carefully study his books, that is bonafide way to see Prabhupada.

Bhakta Joe: Hmmm
So what is the ultimate goal
Preaching or going back to Godhead

Hanuman das: Ultimate goal is to become servant of Krishna.

Bhakta Joe: Hmmm

Hanuman das: We joined Krishna’s family through Srila Prabhupada.

Bhakta Joe: Yeees

Hanuman das: And Srila Prabhupada’s mission was to spread Krishna’s message.
So, we are serving Krishna by assisting Srila Prabhupada in his preaching mission.

Bhakta Joe: Hmmm

Hanuman das: So, the goal is not to serve Krishna directly by becoming retarded gopi who serves sannyasi with female secretary.
Goal is to serve Krishna according to instructions given by Srila Prabhupada.

Bhakta Joe: Not sahajiya influence

Hanuman das: If you are lazy and not willing to read Srimad Bhagavatam, then you will get a lazy guru who doesn’t have any clue what is Krishna consciousness.

Bhakta Joe: Hmmm

Hanuman das: And your retarded guru will worship Ramesh baba and do eye camps.
Do you want to end up like that?

Bhakta Joe: No no no

Hanuman das: Then better start reading and educating yourself what is real Krishna consciousness.

Bhakta Joe: Prabhupad told that simply read my books told everyone that what I say in my books then your preaching is perfect

Hanuman das: Yes, but lazy people don’t want to read, they want to eat sweet rice and watch girls dance, and their Krishna consciousness is very superficial, and their guru is also very superficial.
And majority of people are like that, 90% of them.

Bhakta Joe: So how to find a guru like srila Prabhupada

Hanuman das: And they will all try to influence you to take initiation from their superficial guru.
And it is not only in ISKCON, all mundane religions are like that, full of superficial people with superficial leaders leading them to hell.

Bhakta Joe: Srila Rupa Goswami said that one who take initiation from a pure Bonafide spiritual master he will return to Godhead

Hanuman das: When you finish reading Srimad Bhagavatam, you can contact me again, and I will give you advice based on my experience about who is bonafide guru, ok?

Bhakta Joe: Okk
My name is Bhakta Joe

Hanuman das: And before asking question who is bonafide guru, you should ask yourself are you bonafide disciple.
That is your primary concern.
Only genuine disciple can get genuine guru.
Lazy cheater disciple who doesn’t like to read books will get cheater guru.

Bhakta Joe: Hmm

Hanuman das: Does that sound logical?

Bhakta Joe: Yeees

Hanuman das: ok, start reading then.

Bhakta Joe: Hmm

Hanuman das: Cut down on girls, cinema, youtube or whatever other nonsense you are doing.

Bhakta Joe: Okk
I stopped to watch
If some part I not understand from srimad bhagwatam then I will ask you

Hanuman das: Devotee is like a tree, if it is not planted straight up, it is very difficult to correct if afterwards.
If you ever saw a tree, planted under 45 degree angle, it is very difficult for that tree to correct itself later on.

Bhakta Joe: Hmmm

Hanuman das: So, those first years of your devotional service are most precious, you need to become deeply rooted into Prabhupada’s teachings by reading his books.

Bhakta Joe: Hmmm
Going back to Godhead means vaikuntha or goloka vrindavana

Hanuman das: I don’t know, I want to go wherever Srila Prabhupada went. I want to serve that wonderful personality life after life.

Bhakta Joe: Srila Prabhupada is the manifestation of Nithyananda Prabhu
Serving Prabhupada is serving Krishna directly
Most merciful magnanimous

Hanuman das: Yes, sastra advises us not to serve Krishna directly, rather to become a servant. Now imagine you get retarded guru who plays ping pong with girls and plays croquet, and such gurus exist in ISKCON.
That is a disaster for you spiritual life.

Bhakta Joe: Hmmm

Hanuman das: And ISKCON leadership claims that such guru is bonafide representative of Prabhupada.
Therefore, you have to be very, very careful.

Bhakta Joe: I don’t understand that after srila Prabhupada disappearance the whole iskcon and gbc get Chaos
All rules and regulations get damaged by the leaders

Hanuman das: Yea?
What about followers?
Why is everybody silent and tolerating all the nonsense that is going on?
Why nobody fights nonsense?
Why everybody remains retarded silent fool and agrees to watch how Prabhupada’s legacy gets destroyed?

Bhakta Joe: If we want that Prabhupada era came back again then we need to become a pure devotee of the lord

Hanuman das: Are you ready to die for that idea?
Or it is just an idea?

Bhakta Joe: Prabhupad said that I want to see a disciple who understand this Krishna consciousness philosophy in whole truth then he can lead after me
Yees I want to become a pure devotee not by just statements

Hanuman das: Good for you.
Then you have to be willing to pay the price.
Sahajiyas will hate you, disciples of fake gurus will hate you.

Bhakta Joe: Hmmm

Hanuman das: Rtviks will hate you and you will have only a very few friends who are sincere devotees.

Bhakta Joe: Hmmm
Do you think that out of them in Iskcon is there a one who is a real disciple of srila Prabhupada

Hanuman das: But if you stay silent and don’t fight deviation, your life will be superficially easier.
Yes, there is Bhakti Vikasa Swami, he is real disciple of Srila Prabhupada.

Bhakta Joe: How

Hanuman das: How what?

Bhakta Joe: Nothing

Hanuman das: Listen to Prabhupada’s lectures, listen to Bhakti Vikasa Swami’s lectures, and you will see that there are no deviations, no nonsense.
They are very similar.
And look at his personal life, no girlfriends, no eye camps, no Ramesh baba worship, no retarded yoga seminars with girls raising their butt in the air..

Bhakta Joe: Sachinandana swami

Hanuman das: Sacinandana Swami and Radhanath are the main deviants in ISKCON.
Bhakta Joe: Indradyumna Swami jay Advaita Swami
Bb Govinda Swami

Hanuman das: Yes
Luxury apartment Swamis.

Bhakta Joe: What about rompada Swami he is good

Hanuman das: He is great except that he stole 50 million dollars from Prabhupāda by selling Brooklyn temple.

Bhakta Joe: What seriously
I thought he is good
50 million dollars from how much
I want to know how Srila Prabhupada disappeared from this material world
If you know plz tell me I want to know
Why this temple is being Sold

Hanuman das: You can check that on my website.
Go under gurus Romapada Swami.
Temple is sold because that location is very valuable.
Allegedly, they want to use the money to build a temple on some other location.

Bhakta Joe: Could this be a first iskcon temple

Hanuman das: But Prabhupāda said his temples can not be sold.

Bhakta Joe: Yess he never want to be sold out of his temples Prabhupada told that all my temple s are in vaikuntha