Before moving to Mayapur – meet the land mafia

Before moving to Mayapur – meet the land mafia

Do you want to sing bhajan for Krishna? Yes? That is nice, but did you get blessings from the land mafia?


# Announcement

From: ‘Doyal Gauranga’ via Mayapur Community Forum <>
Date: Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 8:03 AM
Subject: {Mayapur Forum} Kirtan Mela Schedule Day 2 (6th of March)
To: Mayapur Forum <>

Hare Krishna dear devotees,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Please find below the schedule for today:

10:00 HG Swarupa Damodar Das
11:00 HH BA Janardana Swami
11:30 HG Amrita-gopi Devi Dasi
12:00 HG Murari Hari Das
12:30 HG Padmarani Devi Dasi
13:00 HG Purabhi Devi Dasi
13:30 HG Aniruddha Das
14:00 SMIS
14:30 HG Sridama Das <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<—————————
15:00 HG Navadip Dvija Gauranga Das
15:30 HG Doyal Gauranga Das
16:00 HG Nakula Sakha Das
16:30 HG Stoka Krishna Das
17:00 HG Narayana Das
17:30 HG Adirasa Das
18:30 HG Vaisesika Das
19:00 HH Radhanatha Swami
20:00 HH BB Govinda Swami
21:00 HH Lokanath Swami


Detailed video with explanation

Full video from Mayapur life feed

(video will start playing from the moment of the incident)

Brave silence

The guy who took away microphone of Sridhama das is called Alay Govinda das, we tried to contact him over Whatsapp to see what is going on:

He didn’t reply as you can see. When he needs to bully people publicly with his gundas, then he is very brave. But when he needs to be publicly accountable for his actions, then all of the sudden cat got his tongue.


When I say that ISKCON is a Gestapo society, many people don’t believe me, but this kind of Gestapo methods are proof of the level of consciousness of Mayapur management. Actually, this incident also shows you the mental state of the GBC and “pure devotees” who empowered this kind of thugs to rule Mayapur.

Message to retarded Mayapur gundas: Next time you decide to pull off something like this, you need to turn off cameras also, not only microphones, you amateurs.


It is not possible to know why this incident happened since secretive ISKCON society is very hard to figure out anything. Zero transparency. Under the table, we found out that Alay Govinda das was just acting under the order of higher Mayapur management, namely Subheksana das.

Of course, in a rational society, somebody would get fired and there would be a public explanation of this incident, we can’t really expect that from Gestapo ISKCON.