BB King and Nelsottama introduce Wishful-thinking-Ananda Swami

BB King and Nelsottama introduce Wishful-thinking-Ananda Swami

Ok, I have to keep calm. I have to keep polite. I have to restrain myself from using bad words.

Yesterday, I was introduced to a very interesting Facebook video which shows us Vishwananda sahajiya retard visiting ISKCON temple, sitting in vyasasana, and giving a lecture.

Of course, since I am very envious, I took the liberty to upload this video to my youtube channel as a backup, so here it is:

The initial shock

A few months ago, I published an article on how Sacinandana baba attended “No brain only love festival”, you can read this article:

Sacinandana baba joins “no brain, only love” festival

Just to connect the dots, “No brain, only love” festival was organized by Bhakti-marga sahajiya group, whose leader is Wishful-thinking-Ananda, the same guy who visited ISKCON Mauritius temple.

Since Sacinandana “loverboy” Swami travels with his girlfriend for the last 10 years, whatever he does is not surprising.

And if we track the root of this retardation, we come to Radhanath baba, who loves everybody, including Bhakti-marga people. We already wrote an article about this:

ISKCON’s sahajiya meltdown

Further investigation

Ok, I can believe that Sacinandana Swami is retarded enough to visit Bhakti-marga festival, but allowing Wishful-thinking-ananda into ISKCON temple, that is much more retarded. That is so retarded that I had to check it. So, I opened to ISKCON Mauritius offical Facebook photo to compare the wooden altar door:

You can see that the altar door is exactly the same as in Wishfulthinking-ananda video.

Responsible party

So, my only question now is who are the pure devotees in-charge for Mauritius who allowed this to happen. Let’s look at GBC zonal assignments:

So, GBCs for Mauritius are Nelsottama and King of luxury apartments.

Not a coincidence

In all these articles we can see that Radhanath baba is taking photos with Bhakti-marga sahajiyas, Sacinandana “loverboy” Swami is visiting their festivals, they are invited to give lectures in ISKCON temples, and this is not the first time. In this article, we can see that Wishful-thinking-Ananda Swami was invited to ISKCON temples a far back as 2014.


Now, I wonder what would Prabhupada say about bringing Sai baba followers to the ISKCON temple and allowing them to sit on vyasasana and give a lecture?

How is this even possible?

It’s possible because Nelsottama and other members of Gestapo body commission created a society of Sudras who don’t think with their own head, rather, they blindly follow their corporate Gestapo masters.

How is possible that the temple president in Mauritius doesn’t have enough intelligence to discriminate who should he invite to the temple to give a lecture. Well, he doesn’t have intelligence, because he blindly follows Radhanath baba who takes photos together with various sahajiyas because he is “very merciful”. And therefore, since discrimination is gone, ISKCON has become a retarded organization full of chicken-like members who don’t understand anything.

And chicken members often write me emails how offensive I am, and how I should concentrate more on my bhajans. I have published many such emails on my website.

None of these chicken members will go to the spiritual world anytime soon, rather, they are going in the opposite direction by following their crooked ISKCON Gestapo masters.

Any serious Srila Prabhupada disciple would never agree to be a member of ISKCON because that organization is working against Srila Prabhupada. Whoever supports Radhanath baba and his twisted master Kirtanananda “doglover” Swami is an enemy if Srila Prabhupada.

Inviting Wishful-thinking-Ananda Swami is equal to slapping Srila Prabhupada in the face. Srila Prabhupada established his temples with a lot of blood and sweat, just so that they could be converted into the Gestapo-sahajiya movement by his crooked disciples and their chicken-like followers.

Gestapo body commission will never ban Nelsottama and Luxury apartment Swami, they will always ban people who write the truth about these insults to Srila Prabhupada. Thus, the ISKCON Gestapo organization is not doing “innocent mistakes”, they are purposefully fighting Srila Prabhupada and everybody who repeats his teachings.