Bauls are cancelled

Bauls are cancelled

As ISKCON is losing power under the leadership of sannyasis with female secretaries and ping pong acaryas, temples are becoming halls which are rented for money, and are hosting various nonsense events which Prahupada was against.

UPDATE 20 Oct 2017: Concert cancelled

From: Cintamani Yoga <>
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2017 11:48:51 +0200
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Subject: Re: Query.
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Hare Krishna Hanuman prabhu,

please accept my humble obeisance,
all glories to Srila Prabhupada

I will explain a little further in detail for clarification…
A non-devotee friend of mine (saverio) told me that he knows an internationally famous Bengali musician that would be in Italy in this month and is searching for opportunities to perform musical concerts (Satyananda das = the artist). Saverio asked me to organise an event for it and invite my yoga students to the event.

I thought about it for a while then decided we could have a Bengali night in which we will hold a Bengali diner followed by a Bengali concert. The food would be cook by one of our Bengali ISKCON devotees Bandhu Nitai prabhu. I saw that his name was Satyananda das Baul, however I myself was not aware that Baul was a asampradaya sect or sahajiya lineage as I now know. I thought that was just part of his name. Also Satyananda would have solely done a musical performance and would have not been allowed to preach or even speak publicly.

The Bengali night was supposed to be a totally individual event hosted by two organisations (Cintamani Yoga, my yoga project. And the project of the musician (saverio’s friend) called ‘L’albero Baniana’).

I called up the restaurant of VV and asked them if they would be willing to cook. They gave us permission obviously because we would be bringing people for a Bengali theme-night with concert, not knowing that it was a Baul performance.

Secondly called up Murari Caitanya prabhu to rent a room where we could hold the concert. He is the responsible for the halls in VV. I told him a famous Bengali musician would be coming and he would be singing Indian Raga’s, playing instruments etcetera… He did not see any harm in it, not knowing it was Baul and it being an external event.

The organisation of this small event happened last minute, within the last 10 days we organised the whole thing.(less than 10 people subscribed, 22 people on FB said they would be coming, which 50% never ends up actually coming). We never asked for Villa vrindavana to promote this event since it was totally external. If you do not believe me I can send you the newsletter of Villa Vrindavana of this month in which there is no mention whatsoever of this event. Also you can go and check the FB page of ISKCON villa vrindavana, never has there any mention whatsoever of this event.

Even in the temple no flyers where hanging since we were too late with the printing.

Few days ago one devotee contacted us on Facebook saying that Baul is an asampradaya sect and should not be performing in the temple. Me and my wife where still deliberating what to do. That same day Parabhakti prabhu contacted us, being very upset with the event we are hosting and telling us we had to cancel it immediately.

And so we did. As you saw the page was still active, we kept it active because we contacted publicly on the page that the event was cancelled. There was absolutely no way this event would happen on the grounds of Villa Vrindana as soon as the management became aware of it.

So personally I believe fault is only to be found within myself, I should have done more research on the matter and not just jump into organising this event without knowing who the person is. I am myself great supporter of the ISKCON movement trying to dedicate my life, soul and every bit of energy I have to supporting Prabhupada’s mission. I really love Iskcon!

Unfortunately I was in ignorance about the whole Baul Sahajiya lineage, and I think that I should be the one punished for that solely. Not Villa Vrindavana, not Srila Prabhupada, nor Radhanath swami nor the ISKCON movement.
I am very grateful for your correction and I can assure you that this will never happen again in the future, I give you my word on that.

If you could please make some modifications to the article,by giving the whole blame on me, or if possible to cancel the article .. in either ways I would be forever grateful and indebted to you.

Thanks to all this I also understood that I need to communicate better with the management. I was better with that before but now by having 2 very small babies ( 8 months old and almost 2 years) i was tending to jump all the communication and just do. because of lack of time… I very much apologise for everything.

Hoping to one day be able to meet you in person and talk this all out personally..

Your servant,
Jahnava Sundari d. d.

Original announcement

This saturday, ISKCON Villa Vrindavan will host Baul concert.

If you are wondering what is Baul, read this article, Kadamba Kanana Swami writes about Bauls:

At other places across Bengal and Bangladesh they hold mahotsabs throughout the year. The Baulas move from one to the next, perform music, smoke hemp, and look for women. Often a Baula picks up a woman (or sadhika) at one mahotsab and drops her at the next to take on a new one. His former sadhika will be picked up by another Baula.


Corrupt ISKCON leadership and their followers would sell their own mother to earn money for maintaining their lifestyle of fake spirituality. Prabhupada is long forgotten, and ISKCON’s mission is now to become cheap insignificant sahajiya circus.

All these nonsense is introduced in ISKCON with the excuse of “new preaching strategy”, “not being fanatical” and “post Prabhupada’s books era”.

And of course, who is GBC for Villa Vrindavan? Zonal assignments for 2017 tell us that GBC who allows Bauls is Life long friend and business associate of Ramesh baba, promotor of Shyam das sahajiya, admirer of LSD baba Neem Karoli baba, hospital builder and all around destroyer of Prabhupada legacy, his stupidness Radhanath baba:

The alternative

Serious devotees should establish varna asrama communities and temples independently from the GBC body, who became totally corrupt and incapable of cleaning up nonsense sahajiya ideas such as female sannyasi secretaries, ping pong acaryas and other nonsense. Accept few genuine disciples that are still left, and continue parampara independently from corrupt organisation that ISKCON had become.