Bangalore management bans sharing my video

Bangalore management bans sharing my video

Many people not happy with my last article called Bangalore disaster. I kinda expected it.

Message by ISKCON Bangalore management (emphasis mine)

Hare Krishna,
A message is being shared on Facebook regarding HG Caitanya Caran Prabhu’s lecture in Bangalore, along with the message there is a video on a website, both the message and video are defamatory and not in line with Vaishnava teachings.
ISKCON Seshadripuram Management had concerns regarding two talks given HG Caitanya Caran Prabhu and had raised the matter to the concerned ISKCON Authorities and have left the matter for them to decide.

The management does not in any manner endorse the criticism that is being circulated around and we oppose all such attempts to criticize a devotee like Caitanya Caran Prabhu.

Please do not be involved with such blasphemy or circulate them which will lead to spiritual fall down.

Devotees who share such blasphemy will be dealt with stringently.

We should solve all problems within Srila Prabhupada’s family without disrupting it and by avoiding such offenses.

Your servants,
ISKCON Seshadripuram Management Committee
Anukul Keshav Dasa (TP /TM)
Madhusudan Hari Dasa
Radha Krishna Gour Dasa
Rakhale Krishna Dasa
Srivas Krishna Dasa
Sudhir Caitanya Dasa

My Reply


please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I don’t agree with your statement at all.

I am in devotional service for 25 years, and you say my video is “blasphemy” and “offensive”. Please provide evidence what is actually wrong with my video. Give exact minute and second in my video where I performed offense and blasphemy. In the same way as you did for Caitanya Caran prabhu.

I just took video which was already public on the internet of Radhanath Swami playing blues. Is that offensive, playing video which was already

Should I remind you that hiding information about public figures such as Radhanath Swami constitutes cheating?

Was that blues video animated in Bollywood? No, it was real genuine footage. If you think that this video is fabricated, and that Radhanath Swami is not playing blues, please let me know.

If you claim that sharing truthful information about people who are supposed to represent Prabhupada, that this will cause “spiritual falldown”, you are actually creating atmosphere of North Korea where everybody has to worship “dear leader” without any intelligence. Prabhupada didn’t want such society.

Should I remind you that sannyasi doesn’t have private life and that all his actions are subject of public scrutiny.

And this is the reason why ISKCON is in such a mess, because you are performing censorship on things which should not be censored.

What is the harm in sharing my video? If people still want to be disciples of Radhanath Swami after seeing my video, I don’t mind. If you can philosophically defeat my arguments, I will actually publish your material on my website.

Now, if you can prove, that Radhanath Swami is not lifelong friend with Ramesh baba, that Prabhupada wanted his disciples to build hospitals, please make a statement about it and I will publish it on my website.

However, if you are not able to defeat my arguments, please don’t do perform censorship, we all know that I am right.

Censoring people who fight against deviations will never bring you glory.

Also, please provide me with quote from Prabhupada’s books which supports your request that devotees don’t share my video. Here is my quote:

When Rāmānanda Rāya addressed Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Caitanya Mahāprabhu objected, saying, “I am not the Supreme Personality of Godhead but an ordinary human being. Therefore I must fear public opinion in three ways — with My body, mind and words. (CC Madhya 12.50)

As soon as the general public finds a little fault in the behavior of a sannyāsī, they advertise it like wildfire. A black spot of ink cannot be hidden on a white cloth. It is always very prominent. (CC Madhya 12.51)


When sannyasis want to play blues with women, they are very brave, when their disciples want to attack Prabhupada, they are very brave. Well, they should be equally brave to face the consequences and face attacks of people who don’t agree that Prabhupada is imperfect and people who think that sannyasis should not play blues with women.