Open letter to Sacinandana Swami – Apology clarification

Open letter to Sacinandana Swami – Apology clarification

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Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 21:24:05 +0000
Subject: apology clarification
From: Hanuman das
To: Sacinandana Swami <>
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Dear Sacinandana Swami,

Sorry, I was not writing you for a while, I was making new video about Ramesh baba which you can see here:

If I did something wrong, please let me know. I always want to make philosophical contribution which is fair.

I tried to get clarification from your disciples Gobind Nand and Isvara Puri, why they banned me from ISKCON temple Zagreb, I am fighting for Prabhupada after all, and they told me I have to apologise to you. I asked them what do I need to apologise for, but I received no answer.

So, I am writing to you, I just want to develop bhava, not bhava as stage before prema, but the normal bhav, and therefore I am very careful to avoid any vaisnava offences.

So, please, my videos are portraying you as follower of Ramesh baba, please tell me that I made mistake, after all, you left your fingerprints around the whole crime scene. Ramesh baba darsans, participating in Ramesh baba kirtans, Ramesh baba videos on your vyasapujas. There is video evidence for all this in my videos, if you are not follower of Ramesh baba, please give public statement about it. If you do that, I will apologise to you.

And hurry up, my videos about you and Ramesh baba are gaining popularity quickly, we are at over 3100 views. Most people in ISKCON want to take initiation from gurus who are exclusively devoted to Srila Prabhupada. I just give them this opportunity through my videos to see who is following who. I would consider this fair and non-aparadic, am I right?

Oh, I almost forgot, I also made video about Ramesh baba and Radhanath Swami, Radhanath Swami was pretty open about Ramesh baba in his book Journey Home. Here is the video:

I want to apologise for thinking that you are at the top of Ramesh chain in ISKCON. Now, I see it’s Radhanath Swami, now I will make few humble videos about him. But still, you were supposed to exercise your discrimination and not following the Ramesh path. If I am wrong on the point that you are greatly inspired by Ramesh sahajiya, please let me know, I’ll apologise.

Also, I probably need to apologise regarding cute unmarried secretary that you were surrounded with for many years. I mean, I get this info from your disciples, they seem to be developing doubts.

I must admit that having only few cute female secretaries is kinda pathetic, Ramesh baba has at least 50 girls dancing for him. You have to work more on your bhav.

How is that Bhanu Nandini replacement going, ISKCON sannyasi minister Prahladananda Swami wrote to me on June 27th 2016:

Bhanu Nandini dasi is doing some work as a secretary for Maharaja, but her office is in a separate building with a separate entry. After the summer Jaya Krsna Das will take over all the duties of Maharaja’s secretary.

Summer is gone. Is that replacement completed? Is he any good? If replacement is not done yet, please tell me, I need it for my new documentary called “Terrible consequences of ISKCON’s sannyasi-dasi experiment”.

And of course, if you were not travelling and living with Bhanu nandini from 2008 and 2014, please let me know, I’ll apologise.

Also, since this is like my 15th letter to you, and I didn’t get a single reply, I’ll add couple more gurus on the receiver list, I hope this is ok, we must somehow resolve this Ramesh issue.

This letter, as all my other letters to you will be available on my website, we have nothing to hide, right? :

Hoping to get some kind of reply from you, we have many services to perform, many preaching activities to execute, hoping that this Ramesh issue will not drag for too long.

I am fallen grhasta after all, without clear understanding of Ramesh tattva, please enlighten me.

Also, regarding cute female secretaries, I would also like to get one, but my wife doesn’t agree, she says those are only for sannyasis. Can you shed some light on it?

your servant,
Hanuman das


Response by Sacinandana Swami

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