Poison antidote

Poison antidote

3 months ago, I published video made by Nityananda das, who presented the new evidence which suggests that Prabhupada was poisoned by cadmium.

Yesterday, my good friend Mayesvara dasa ACBSP, published a whole book which tries to discredit the new hair analysis on cadmium.

Books is a very good read, I wasn’t able to read the whole book yet, but one of the more interesting arguments is the “maha prasadam argument”. Namely many devotees were eating remnants of food prepared for Prabhupada, and one of them was Abhirama das. He said:

Nearly everything that went into His mouth was prepared by my wife or me (in the case of all supplements, medicines, etc.) and if not, it was usually eaten by me as mahaprasadum (and often her) as remnants, as he hardly took much of what was prepared. I was then extremely healthy and remain as healthy as anyone I know. – Abhiram Prabhu, September 31, 2017

This was from page 13, you can read rest of the book by clicking here.


So, if you want to understand any topic, you need to read arguments from both sides.