ISKCON Deity worship minister introduces homosex pujari

ISKCON Deity worship minister introduces homosex pujari

One day after I published my last article about transexual pujari in Zagreb temple I got another dreadful story from Australia. If you go to New Govardhana community in Australia, you might get homosex prasadam to eat. That is because they have a pujari who is living with another man.

Here is the report from my spy network:

what I wanted to say about Nrsimha Kavaca is, he has a gay pujari on the altar in our local temple. Nrsimha Kavaca can not plead ignorance as he too serves on the same altar and knows that this gay pujari is, well, gay and lives with a man who is not an initiated devotee.

I don’t want my name mentioned at all but I can’t help noticing that Nrisimhas Kavaca said in reply to Hanuman prabhu that requirements to be pujari is 4 regs (amongst other things). Does he truly believe our local gay pujari who lives with a man is following 4 regs? They behave as ‘partners’ publicly. They are NOT flatmates. This gay pujari wore saffron in the ashram for many years. Then left, announcing he had met someone, was gay and was going to live with him. Now they live together. Gay pujari wears white and dresses the main deities in the temple.

4 regs means no illicit sex. Are we to believe these two men living together simply play chess at night? Or read Krsna book before retiring to separate rooms? They clearly have affection for each other, borne of lust.

The gay pujari is called Dhruva and his partner is Terry Grapes, both on facebook. My main point is that Dhruva is a pujari, on the altar by direct sanction of Nrsimha Kavaca.

Main actors

  • Nrisimha Kavaca – ISKCON Deity worship minister, if you want to check any of the info on this page, you can contact him on facebook
  • Dhruva das (Drew Danaher) – homosex pujari, you can contact him through his facebook profile
  • Terry das (aka THE PENETRATOR) – friend who loves our pujari very much and they live together, if you want to say hi, you can do it on his facebook profile

Proof of homosex attraction

If you look at this photo which is taken directly from New Govardhana facebook page, you will see something strange:

What is strange, you will probably not able to read the comment if you are on mobile, so let’s enlarge to comment:

Hm, he is thanking everybody that they accepted them and “their relationship”. Am I just envious or there is something wrong going on here. Poor Terry, he never read Prabhupada’s gita and other works, so, he doesn’t know that he is penetrating into very traditional movement. And I agree with Prabhupada here. Priestly order is not only supporting homosex, in 2017, priestly order is allowing themselves to be penetrated by homosex, and ISKCON Minister is fully supporting this penetration.

Prabhupada: Now the priestly order supporting homosex. I was surprised. They are going to pass resolution for getting married between man to man. The human society has come down to such a degraded position. It is astonishing. When I heard from Kīrtanānanda Mahārāja there is a big conference for passing this resolution. In India still, if there somebody hears about homosex (makes sound of breathing out). Homosex is there but nobody will support publicly. (indistinct) People are going down and this is the subject matter for priestly order? It may be subject matter for the legislator, priestly order, they are discussing for one week. Just imagine. Phalena paricīyate, one has to study by the result. Not that superficially you show that “We are very much advanced.” Phalena, what is the result? Phalena paricīyate, your, that is in English word also, end justifies the means. The end is this (indistinct) “We are going to support homosex.” Getting married. There are many cases the priestly order has actually got married. I read it in that paper, Watch, what is called?

Devotees: Watchtower.

Prabhupāda: Watchtower. They have complained(?). So we have nothing to (indistinct) them. The world is degrading to the lowest status, even less than animal. The animal also do not support homosex. They have never sex life between male to male. They are less than animal. People are becoming less than animal. This is all due to godlessness. Harāv abhaktasya kuto mahad-guṇā [SB 5.18.12], godless civilization cannot have any good qualities. Harāv abhaktasya kuto mahad-guṇā mano rathena asato dhāvato… They simply go to the untruth by mental speculation. (Conversation with the GBC, May 25, 1972, Los Angeles)

Then we have another photo

What can we conclude from this photo? My conclusion is that penetration makes people happy.

Now this photo is beyond my understanding. Bush, forest, I guess it’s gopi related.

Proof that Nrisimha kavaca is ISKCON deity working minister

Now, what is role of Nrisimha Kavaca das in all of this. Let’s first prove that he is indeed Deity Worship minister, it says right on the GBC page:

Spy intel claims that he is living on that very same community where homosex pujari serves.

So, as you can see, minister wrote on his facebook page that he lives in Murwillumbah, damn I can even pronounce that. That is actually the nearest town from New Govardhana community.

Now, if you don’t want to eat homosex prasadam by any chance, Kavaca could take one of those knives and philosophically explain to you that mild homosex pujari penetration will not hurt our movement.

Last attempt

I tried to contact Kavaca over facebook:

No reply, he is too heterophobic, or he was not in a mood to reply because of my offensive attitude. My offensive attitude is that I don’t want to be penetrated and I don’t want to eat homosex prasadam, that is prasadam offered by homosex pujari.

Maybe minister will reply to you, you can try asking him about penetration, maybe I am just too rough, here is his facebook profile


I mean, why do I have to write conclusion for every article, let’s allow Prabhupada to do it this time:

Prabhupāda: Yes. This is their philosophy. And as they pass laws in the Parliament, similarly, these churches approve: “Yes, homosex is all right.” Then it is all right. This cheating system is going on. Similar cheating system is the Hindus also. You’ll find in Calcutta, in College Street, so many butcher house. And they have kept one goddess Kālī that “We are eating Mother Kali’s prasāda.” That’s it. This is going on.(Morning Walk, April 2, 1975, Mayapur)

And minister for Deity Worship is selected and approved by GBC body itself, they are the main penetrators, excuse me, perpetrators of this crime against Srila Prabhupada.

I am sure Radha and Krishna Deities accept bhoga offered by penetrated pujari, after all, Krishna created all the 5 asramas: brahmacari, grhasta, gayasta, vanaprasta and luxury apartment sannyass.