After enlightening us that Buddha is not God, Atheist Acarya retires

After enlightening us that Buddha is not God, Atheist Acarya retires

ok, guys, HD Goswami says it’s time to retire.

He gave his best to return this movement to the right track, he played ping pong with girls, he introduced pure topless devotional service, he performed first tasteless baptism in ISKCON, he introduced croquet guru tattva, married a few lesbians, he tried to convince people that japa was introduced by Vasco Di Gama. But, for some peculiar reason, nobody took him seriously. That is because it is very hard for a normal person to understand the activities of devotees who are on the uttama level of bhakti.

So, he decided to punish the Gestapo body commission by retiring. In this way, they will lose the opportunity to have his association. As Acarya Dave announced his retirement, loud weeping could be heard throughout the whole of Brazil:

Never loses a sense of humor

Acarya dave says in his retirement letter: Having served on the GBC for the last two years, I saw clearly that the GBC members are working sincerely to manage ISKCON, with a spirit of devotion to Prabhupada.  

This is a perfect example of how Gestapo criminals cover each other. They will always praise each other so that you can understand that they are all pure. But if you stop praising them, like Dhanesvara did, if you write a book which explains that something is deeply wrong in ISKCON, the will kick you out immediately. Acarya Dave must praise the GBC so that he could keep his guru licence.  Now, let me write more realistic praise of the GBC.

Hanuman das: Having served under the GBC for the last twenty years, I saw clearly that GBC members are ruthless followers of the Gestapo philosophy. If you happen to disagree or challenge their nonsense, they will kick you out of the movement right away without a second thought.


Hey, don’t worry, it is not so bad. Acarya Dave is still on the “guru list”, which means he is extremely advanced and capable of guiding you back to Gestapo Godhead. His nonsense is fully approved by all the “guru-approvers” from the Gestapo body commission.

If you don’t believe that Vasco Di Gama introduced japa as explained by a pure devotee Acarya Dave, you are an offender and your future is very dark. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

If you are a lesbian who doesn’t believe that Buddha is God and who plays croquet, there is no better guru for you than Acarya Dave.


Although Acarya Dave is no longer in the GBC, we are eagerly awaiting his next blunder.

And instead of saying goodbye, we will play Acarya Dave’s favorite song, which says Buddha is the Lord of the universe. buddha sarira, jay jagadisa hare