After boobs bhajans, pure devotees introduce chaste and shy rock star

After boobs bhajans, pure devotees introduce chaste and shy rock star

Are you bored with Krishna consciousness in the mood of goodness?

You don’t want to read Srila Prabhupada’s books and chant japa away from the materialistic society? Well, pure devotees know that and they mercifully introduced a great way for you to become a disco dog again. But not an ordinary disco dog, you can become a transcendental disco dog.

Here is how to do it:

Video was published on Oct 2, 2019, and the description of this video on Youtube is as follows:

it was a live performan at East of Kailash Iskcon Temple, Delhi. occasion – Vyas Puja of His Holiness Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj.

Now, of course, you can’t understand this video by just watching once, you have to watch it repeatedly to get the deeper meaning.

There are a couple of new concepts in this video:

This is the “guitar Mataji” concept introduced 500 years ago by Rupa Goswami. If you read Caitanya Caritamrta carefully, you will understand that Haridasa Thakura was greeted every morning by a guitar Mataji, to inspire him to chant better.

This is called chicken brahmacari tattva, if you dance like this on the stage, you are guaranteed to never find a girlfriend as a brahmacari, because all the girls will think that you are chicken, not a brahmacari.

The conclusion

Now, this is Vyasa-puja of a pure guru-form guru, you must understand that after he signed the guru-form, all his activities are perfect. Even more important, he was voted in by “guru approvers” who are even purer than the gurus themselves. Therefore, everything in this video is very pure.

Besides, they are chanting maha-mantra, which makes the whole atmosphere “auspicious”.

On the next year Vyasa-puja, I would also like to see some naked girls dancing, that would be even better. But hey, who am I to give advice to pure devotees.

For me personally Vidyut Jammwal is much better guru because he also chants Hare Krishna, which makes his videos transcendental. And somehow I feel bigger ecstasy by watching his videos, I don’t know why:

We have a small problem with Vidyut Jammwal becoming a guru, he didn’t sign the guru-form yet. But when he does, I am sure he will be able to bring many new members to ISKCON.

A word of warning

Never dare to criticize Vyasa-pujas of pure Gestapo masters. Even if you have given 20 years of your life to ISKCON, you will be kicked out if you dare to criticize rockstar Vyasa-pujas. If you don’t believe me, ask Balamacarya das and Caitanya Vallabha das

ISKCON introduces hypocrite Gestapo masters

The future

If you are trying to organize your Vyasa-puja or birthday party, It’s not easy. Since I am a poor guy, I organized my Vyasa-puja with a lot less money than Gopal Krishna Goswami. Bollywood was the only choice. And since I am not as transcendental as Gopal Krishna Goswami, I didn’t even sign maha-mantra. But hey, at least we skipped disgusting rock culture. Here is a video from my Vyasa-puja from 2011, where ISKCON had some culture left: