After banning deviants, GBC introduces boobs bhajans

After banning deviants, GBC introduces boobs bhajans

As the Kali-yuga advances, it is harder and harder for people to concentrate during bhajans.

Innovative GBC member Hridaya Caitanya das, who is listed as a GBC for Portugal, is experimenting with various techniques to increase concentration during bhajans.

A few days ago, in the ISKCON Lisboa center, which is also mentioned at ISKCON Portugal webpage, an experiment was conducted to see if bhajan participants can keep their focus during bhajans.

Luckily, boob bhajans experiment was recorded and published on youtube, so, that we can all see how boobs are spiritual.

I don’t know about you, but I feel spiritual after watching this video. I feel that our ISKCON GBC authorities are leading us into the right direction. Boobs bhajans continue well into the night, as devotees continue worshipping:

I am very thankful to Hridaya Caitanya das, for revealing the boob bhajans tattva. If anybody of you traditionalists think that this is not ok, you will be banned. Just look at what happened to people who preached fanatically, they were all kicked out from ISKCON.

These videos also prove that devotional service is always expanding.

Moreover, I will accept Greta as my female diksa guru, because I love her bhajans. I also love her Instagram posts:

I will work with my local authorities to invite Greta to give seminars at our local ISKCON center, following in the footsteps of brave Hridaya Caitanya Prabhu, my new favorite GBC member. If try to stop me, if you think that inviting Greta is not OK, you are directly challenging GBC authority and you will be banned.

Call for action

I want to invite all ISKCON members to work for love, to work for boobs bhajans, open your heart, open your mind to new preaching techniques, don’t be small-minded and open your heart towards love.

Actually, the greatest visionary in Krishna consciousness is Hridayananda das Goswami, he stated that 3 years ago that:

“We have solid evidence that in pre-modern India, many conservative, cultured women wore few clothes, at times were topless, and certainly did not hide themselves in Muslim garb.”

No wonder he was elected to the GBC body, if you want to study sariology and topless women, you have to read my article about “Pure topless devotional service”:

Pure topless devotional service


As you can see, boobs are very important in Vaisnava culture, as confirmed by both Hridayananda das Goswami and Hridaya Caitanya das. I am sure that GBC body and general ISKCON members will be fascinated by boobs in the years to come. The hardest thing actually is to “break the ice” and introduce boobs bhajans. Therefore, we are eternally thankful to Hridaya Caitanya prabhu, for implementing this blissful thing into Lord Caitanya’s sampradaya. I am sure Lord Caitanya, who is an embodiment of love, will be pleased with Hridaya Caitanya prabhu’s work.