A crack in the Gestapo wall

A crack in the Gestapo wall

Today, we are publishing one of the most hilarious videos ever.

I received this video from many people in the last few days. Everybody wants me to comment on it.


This video was published together with an article in Odisha TV newspaper.

Analysis of the protest

Hindus are protesting because the date of Ratya-yatra is wrong. Hindus are expecting that all Ratha-yatras will be held on the same day. For ISKCON, organizing a hundred Ratha-yatras at the same time is a logistical nightmare, because every ISKCON temple has to do everything by themselves.  Nobody can’t get help from everybody else because everybody else has their own Ratha-yatra to organize.

Hindus were organizing Ratha-yatra on the same day for hundreds of years, and they don’t want to change.

Well, I must say that Hindus didn’t learn the basic thing, they must be humble in front of pure devotees who twist their tradition. 🤣🤣🤣 They also didn’t learn to forgive. 🤣🤣🤣

But they learned one thing, they learned how to protest. They learned how to apply pressure through protest. That is something ISKCON members never learned. There was never a single protest against Radhanath baba in ISKCON.

If we spend half a day in research, we can see that Radhanath baba greatly twisted Srila Prabhupada’s movement. Srila Prabhupada’s followers have much more reason to protest against Radhanath baba. Starting from his glorification of sahajiyas, continuing with eye camps that were explicitly disliked by Srila Prabhupada, continuing with brahmacaris practicing yoga with girls, then girl touching seminar, etc. In ISKCON, nobody seems to be annoyed with having murder accomplice Radhanath Swami in the top leadership position.

Although Srila Prabhupada’s followers have much more reason to protest than Hindus, Hindus are protesting and Srila Prabhupada’s followers are not protesting. But, as the saying goes, You cannot love a thing without wanting to fight for it. (Gilbert K. Chesterton)

Hindus are not willing to lose their Ratha-yatra date, but ISKCON members are willing to lose Srila Prabhupada’s legacy by not fighting Radhanath.

Underground channels

The next thing is also very strange, this particular article and video were shared with me through private messaging by 8 people. Nobody shared it on Facebook, everybody shared it through private messaging. This shows me that with a Gestapo society, where you are not able to publicly express your opinion, people find other ways to share information. It is not possible to prevent the sharing of information in the 21st century. Actually, everything that ISKCON achieved by their Gestapo strategy is alienating a lot of people who became their sworn enemies. And those people who were persecuted all became enemies of ISKCON and they are actively working on dismantling ISKCON.

After killing Sulocana, Radhanath baba provided him with enormous popularity, and additionally, his friend Puranjana (Tim Lee) dedicated himself to working against Radhanath baba and the corrupt GBC regime for the last 30 years. Another friend of Sulocana, Kailasa-Candra, also dedicated himself to philosophically defeating ISKCON corporation. What would you do if your best friend was killed by Radhanath baba?

Dhanesvara Prabhu was denied sannyasa because he didn’t want to sign a gag order mandated by Gestapo body commission. After he published his book “Divine or Demoniac”, he was removed from ISKCON after 40 years of service, and thus is now pushing for restarting the movement. Not a word of protest from anybody. This kind of “friends” you get when you join ISKCON.

Jvalamukhi was kicked from ISKCON because she disagreed with Radhanath baba. Now she is practicing Krishna consciousness within an organization called “Purely Prabhupada”.

Henry Doktorski was supposed to coauthor his book “Killing for Krishna”. with a professor from the university.  Radhanath baba threatened this professor that his career would be severely jeopardized if he published this book. Thus, the professor withdrew from this project. Did that scare Henry Doktorski? No, he just published another book about the evil ISKCON corporation. Point to learn: Threatening people can backfire.

Micheal Keith Powell was banned from Bhaktivedanta Manor after asking too many questions about corruption and missing funds. He is working against Radhanath baba and the corrupt Gestapo GBC corporation through his Facebook wall.

Rocana das watched for years the ISKCON Gestapo controlled websites that were so far from the truth. In 2005, he established Sampradaya Sun. His website revealed a ton of corruption, deviations and all other nonsense performed by “pure devotees”.

I was banned from ISKCON for making videos against Sacinandana loverboy Swami and his girlfriend. Before that, I also discovered that Loverboy Swami is also a great admirer of Ramesh baba. Corrupt Gestapo Prahladanananda Swami told me that all my claims are imagined and that I should apologize. I was blackmailed by the local ISKCON management to delete my whole website and then they would allow me to eat their Gestapo sweet rice. I denied and became an enemy of ISKCON.

Thus, all enemies of ISKCON are not created by the CIA, lizards or Rothchilds, enemies of ISKCON are created by the ISKCON Gestapo leadership. This includes local angry Hindus who protest against Ratha-yatra date.

Puffed up with false pride, arrogant in every respect, ISKCON Gestapo gurus are continuing in pushing their sick ideology and thus they are creating more and more enemies every day. Always spineless when they need to defend Prabhupada, and always cruel when they need to deal with dissenters who speak the truth, their future is very dark. They are burying Srila Prabhupada’s preaching results into non-existence by converting his movement into a very dark place that nobody is attracted with.