A boy who liked to sing and dance with girls, but he was not Krishna

A boy who liked to sing and dance with girls, but he was not Krishna

Ok, time to get to ABC of Krishna consciousness again:

We are eternal servant, of Krishna, but due to being illusioned by Maya, we are trying to enjoy this material world. Greatest illusion of this world is entanglement with opposite sex, therefore, in Krishna consciousness, association with opposite sex is RESTRICTED. Krishna created 4 asramas: brahmacari doesn’t have any contact with women, grhasta has contact with his own wife only, vanaprastha has contact with his own wife only or he sometimes he is alone, sannyasi doesn’t have any contact with women. 

But, it seems that often senior members of this society are forgetting this basic fact and we are slowly reaping the fruit of allowing sannyasis to travel with female secretaries. Once Indradyumna Swami’s sahajiya circus “becomes normal”, many other unauthorised lilas will follow.

Parividha das, senior member of ISKCON, and Srila Prabhupada’s disciple, started performing sahajiya performances:


and of course, it is gradually turning into disco:

To be honest, I find this disgusting. Even the members of meat eating religions are not this degraded. Will you ever see old muslim priest or old christian priest dancing with girls on stage?

And this is going on for years now:

Sudra factory

Well, to become proper sudra, you first have to advertise sudra activities:

Here is the hypocrisy, advertisement says that we should sing “two songs to Srila Prabhupada”. Well Srila Prabhupada didn’t want stage dancing sudras to sing for him. Srila Prabhupada preferred kirtan, chanting hare Krishna, man and women dancing separately.

The problem

Such dance very quickly turns into this:


Here you can see “close associate” of Indradyumna Swami spinning girls. And this is ISKCON Bangladesh:


To be a playboy in this life is unfortunate because too much attraction to women will lead one to fall into the association of śūdras, who can easily take advantage of mingling with women without restriction. In this present Age of Kali, when people are mandāḥ sumanda-matayaḥ — very bad because of a śūdra mentality — such free mingling is prominent. Among the higher classes — brāhmaṇa, kṣatriya and vaiśya — there is no chance for men to mingle with women freely, but in the śūdra community such mingling is open. Because there is no cultural education in this Age of Kali, everyone is spiritually untrained, and everyone is therefore to be considered śūdra (aśuddhāḥ śūdra-kalpā hi brāhmaṇāḥ kali-sambhavāḥ). When all the people become śūdras, certainly they are very bad (mandāḥ sumanda-matayaḥ). Thus they manufacture their own way of life, with the result that they gradually become unfortunate (manda-bhāgyāḥ), and furthermore they are always disturbed by various circumstances. (SB 7.15.70p)


Vedic scriptures allow a man to enjoy as many women as he likes, but not in a way Parividha das is doing, it should be done like Prabhupada explained:

People have become so degraded in this age that on the one hand they restrict polygamy and on the other hand they hunt for women in so many ways.
Many business concerns publicly advertise that topless girls are available in this club or in that shop. Thus women have become instruments of sense
enjoyment in modern society. The Vedas enjoin, however, that if a man has the propensity to enjoy more than one wife — as is sometimes the propensity
for men in the higher social order, such as the brahmanas, ksatriyas and vaisyas, and even sometimes the sudras — he is allowed to marry more than
one wife. Marriage means taking complete charge of a woman and living peacefully without debauchery. At the present moment, however, debauchery is
unrestricted. Nonetheless, society makes a law that one should not marry more than one wife. This is typical of a demoniac society. (Srila Prabhupada, SB 4.26.6 purport)


The eternal process

This is the process of Vedic civilization. In the beginning of life, as a brahmacārī, one has to undergo severe penances and austerities in order to be educated in spiritual values. The brahmacārī, or student, is never allowed to mingle with women and learn from the beginning of life about sex enjoyment. The basic flaw in modern civilization is that boys and girls are given freedom during school and college to enjoy sex life. Most of the children are varṇa-saṅkara, meaning “born of undesirable fathers and mothers.” Consequently, the whole world is in chaos. Actually, human civilization should be based on the Vedic principles. This means that in the beginning of life boys and girls should undergo penances and austerities. When they are grown, they should get married, live for some time at home and beget children. When the children are grown up, the man should leave home and search for Kṛṣṇa consciousness. In this way one can make one’s life perfect by going home to the kingdom of God. (SB 4.31.1p)

So you see “dancing with girls” anywhere in this quote?

So, you have been warned, be careful, and if you fail to be careful, if you think that I am writing all this because I am “envious” then I welcome you to society of happy, dancing sudras:

Ok, sudras from this photo will go live now, “enjoy” this chaste and shy performance:


Now, that you have saw this chaste and shy performance, we can reveal the VALVE-TATTVA:

So Bhīṣmadeva also advised that the shyness of woman, lajjā, is the control. If you break that shy, what is called, shyness, then there will be disaster. That is the control valve naturally given. And woman’s shyness is one beauty, beauty. We have got practical experience. And command also. We have practical experience in our life. You have seen that my friend came, Dinanath Mishra. They were our neighbor. So one day we were sitting on the corridor of the house. One sweeper woman, she wanted to come within, but very shyful, with a covering of the head, although with broomstick and bucket, she was waiting because we were sitting both side. So she was feeling little shy not to enter the house. So we decided to move so that she may come. This example is given. She is a sweeper, not very respectable, maidservant or sweeper, but on account of her shyness we had to welcome, “Yes, we are moving. You come in.” Just see. This is psychology. Therefore Bhīṣmadeva, at his dying stage, he advised that woman’s shyness is the valve to control. If that shyness is broken, then it will create disaster. Puṁścalī. This is the psychology. So things are changing nowadays everywhere, not only in India, in other countries also. But this is the psychology. So all these examples are given. Why? Just to control the mind. In Hindi there is a proverb that “Money and wife, you should always keep in control.” There are so many examples. (Lecture SB 05.06.04 – Vrndavana)