4 things that happen when you talk nonsense

4 things that happen when you talk nonsense

😀 😀 Prabhupada’s followers are getting increasingly annoyed by Radhanath baba and his clones. Here is a nonsense video produced by one of Radhanath baba clones:

Reply by Bali Maharaja das (Kolkata)

Very disappointing. A man posing as a devotee talking about sheer mundanity. Not a word about Srila Prabhupad, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Krishna. Can Srila Prabhupad ever make a narrative of this kind? Instead of talking ahoy chanting Hari-naam, you are sounding like a mayavadi self-help guide! Don’t use ISKCON’s platform for self-aggrandisement. You seem to be suffering from acute and chronic name-fame-glory syndrome. Is this the way present day ISKCON preaching navigating itself to sheer non existence ? Who gave you initiation? Why is he allowing you to crow like a deeply conditioned soul? Who is your Guru? If he has approved of your mundane ways, I seriously doubt his bona fides too. ISKCON is not falling. Boy, it’s crashing! Have you ever heard Srila Prabhupada speaking such materialistic sermons?

You sound very wise but you are totally misdirected, where is Gaur and Gopal in your hollow narrative?

I pray to Srila Prabhupada may he give you intelligence based on Krishna-bhakti.

Indeed very sad, bad and unfortunate situation.

Hare Krishna

My comment

  1. If stone is thrown in the valley, you can nuke the whole valley, and the stone is no longer in the valley. 😀 😀
  2. Words you can also recover, after 100 lifetimes, neither you will remember what nonsense did you spoke, neither the other person will remember.
  3. Missed opportunity can be recovered in your next life, Krishna constantly gives us opportunity to enjoy sense gratification. Life after lifetime.
  4. Time can also be recovered, because it is eternal, it is never gone. Spirit soul is eternal, there is never shortage of time. Once we come to Krishna consciousness, once we start serving Krishna, then time can no longer influence us. But if you record stupid mayavadi videos, you might lose human form of life and thus time is wasted.

He also says, “when marbles are gone, they will never come back”. Thus, he is preaching materialistic, atheistic philosophy, all the time in the human form of life will come back next time we obtain human form. This is Christian nonsense philosophy that we have “only one chance”.

It is amazing how much nonsense can this “devotee” say in only three minutes.

This man is an enemy of Prabhupada, enemy of Prabhupada’s legacy and enemy of Prabhupada’s genuine followers. This is what you become when you follow Radhanath baba.

So, Hanuman’s 4 things you can never recover:

  1. You can never recover your Krishna consciousness as long as you have mayavadi guru like Radhanath baba
  2. You can never recover Prabhupada’s mercy as long as you preach nonsense and ignore his books.
  3. You can never recover any real glory by becoming insignificant, small time, unknown, self help mayavadi nonsense.
  4. You can never recover Krishna’s mercy as long as you ignore Prabhupada and preach nonsense in his movement.

After reading my offensive article, all ISKCON members are welcome to take shower. 😀 😀 😀

Also, all Radhanath clones must forgive me for my articles 😀 😀 😀