3rd open letter to Malati – fighting philosophy with brute force

3rd open letter to Malati – fighting philosophy with brute force

Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2016 08:19:28 +0000
Subject: 3rd open letter - Fighting philosophy with brute force
From: Hanuman das
To: malati.acbsp@pamho.net
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Dear Malati “prabhu”,

please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

this is my third letter to you, after I didn’t receive any response to my previous two letters I am wondering what is going on.

My arguments don’t look reasonable? You see, being leader means you need to stand strong and defend your position. Since you are author of the resolution 313, why I am not receiving any explanations? So, let me add my usual mix of liberal and conservative sannyasis and senior Srila Prabhupada disciples to this email. I hope they are also eager to hear your response.

Previous letters can be seen at: http://lastingimpression.info/resolution313/

So, my third argument is as follows: You can never win ideological and philosophical war through brute force methods such as banning books. (yea, I know, after you banned the book, now you claim book is not banned, I leave that story to kindergarden.)

We had many philosophical problems in ISKCON’s history, one of them was if we have fallen from the spiritual world or not. Solution to this issue was not reached until book came out called “Our original position”. Same thing happened when we had problems with Narayana Maharaja, after that we had book “Siksa outside ISKCON?” by Sivarama Swami.

Brute force methods such as banning and burning books will work only if you have overwhelming force, such as dear leader “Kim Jong-il”. So, why is he called “dear leader”, because everyone who doesn’t agree with that name loses his head. But nor you, nor the GBC have army or huge secret police, therefore your approach will not work.

Now, being intelligent means to be able to understand what will happen in the future if you take certain steps. I will now tell you exactly what will be the consequence of your resolution 313:

  1. Now all of the sudden, everybody speaks about this banned book, sales of this book will increase exponentially, because people are usually interested in the “banned stuff”. Banned books increase curiosity, it’s a psychological thing. And it already happened in India after your Vrindavan ban.

  2. Majority of persons who read the book, even if they are not big scholars, they will see that books contains 130 quotes taken directly from Srila Prabhupada’s books,
    88 quotes from Prabhupada’s lectures, conversations and letters, 50+ quotes from books by other SP disciples. After reading the books, they will have one major question, and that is: Why GBC banned this book?

  3. After they figure out that there is no alternative explanation, a book which would defeat points from WMM book, then doubts in the GBC body will start to rise. More questions will start popping up, uncomfortable questions, questions such as “Is GBC really protecting Srila Prabhupada legacy if they are willing to ban book which is based on his teachings without philosophically defeating it first?”.

If faith in the GBC is lost, then whole ISKCON may slide into anarchy, which will bring uncertain future with a possibility of split or wars between various fractions.

Please, act quickly to cancel resolution 313, then write your own book, this is the proper way to win your crusade. The way you are currently fighting for your convictions is wrong, makes you look extremely ignorant if you are not able to produce your own books on the subject, by fighting philosophy with Gestapo tactics, you give out impression that you studied the methods of Spanish inquisition.

Additional problem is that you dragged whole GBC body into your mindset, and now their reputation started melting down. Who wants to be a member of Gestapo movement? Only people who are not very intelligent, but Srila Prabhupada wanted intelligent people to join this movement. Intelligent people fight with position papers and books, not by banning the opposite party. Your ban proves nothing, except your intellectual misery.

You are sure to lose with devastating consequences for the whole movement. No intelligent person will ever agree to be your follower, or the follower of the GBC for that matter.

Even philosophical adversaries of Bhakti Vikasa Swami, such as mataji Urmila, even she admitted that your resolution 313 was reached in unjust and improper manner.

Now, are you going to respond to my email or you are going to ban me?

your servant,
Hanuman das