11th letter – Sannyasi ex secretary therapy

11th letter – Sannyasi ex secretary therapy

Ok, there is attempt from a sannyasi minister to resolve situation, the attempt is that Sacinandana Swami will no longer have female secretary, but he should be allowed to live together with his ex secretary on the same property. What for? For therapeutic purposes? I truly hope this was a joke or misunderstanding.

After all these public photos, all witnesses, and the huge public scandal after it was discovered that Sacinandana Swami lived and traveled with Bhanu Nandini for many years, so the solution is that the continue to live on the same address but in different building? This is not solution at all, and my public expose of this case will continue until I get assurances that they actually live separately. I don’t think I will get that assurance, anyway, check the emails and judge for yourself.

Prahladananda Swami’s letter is carefully crafted in such a way that it is not clear where Sacinandana Swami is actually living, and I didn’t receive clarification in the last 24 hours.

They acknowledged that Bhanu Nandini will not be Sacinandana Swami‘s official secretary, which doesn’t mean much if they will continue to live together on the same property. She can switch to unofficial secretary and everything will be the same as before as long as they live on same location.

Anyway, let’s check the Prahladananda Swami’s letter and my response:

Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2016 13:15 +0300
From: "Prahladananda Swami" <Prahladananda.Swami@pamho.net> To: "Goran Pejakovic" <goran.pejakovic@gmail.com>,
"Hanuman (das) SDHS (Zagreb - HR)" <Hanuman.SDHS@pamho.net>
Cc: "Badrinarayan Swami (San Diego - US)" <Badrinarayan.Swami@pamho.net>,
"Bhakti Raghava Swami" <Bhakti.Raghava.Swami@pamho.net>,
"Bhakti-bhusana Swami" <Bhakti-bhusana.Swami@pamho.net>,
"Gopal Krsna Goswami" <Gopal.Krsna.Goswami@pamho.net>,
"Jayadvaita Swami" <Jayadvaita.Swami@pamho.net>,
"Kadamba Kanana Swami" <Kadamba.Kanana.Swami@pamho.net>,
"Kavicandra Swami (GBC Japan)" <Kavicandra.Swami@pamho.net>,
"Lokanath Swami" <Lokanath.Swami@pamho.net>,
"Sacinandana Swami" <Sacinandana.Swami@pamho.net>,
"Virabahu (das) ACBSP (GBC)" <Virabahu.ACBSP@pamho.net>,
"Basu Ghosh Das" <basughoshdas@gmail.com>,
"Sesa das" <sesa.gbc@gmail.com>,
Subject: 10th open letter - The mobile phone conversation
X-Com-Textno: PAMHO28881933

Dear Hanuman dasa,
Please accept my greetings and the blessings of Lord Krishna. All glories
to Srila Prabhupada!

Dina Sharana dasi did the research and found out that Bhanu Nandini dd lives
at Schloss Kranzlin. She is only with Sacinandana Maharaja at festivals
when there are also many other devotees there. Sacinandana Maharaja is
always accompagned by his servant Madhusudhana Das.

Bhanu Nandini dasi is doing some work as a secretary for Maharaja, but her
office is in a separate building with a separate entry. After the summer
Jaya Krsna Das will take over all the duties of Maharaja’s secretary.

Your allegations have proved to be incorrect. Unless you can prove
otherwise, I suggest you make a public retraction and ask forgiveness for
making false allegations, least you continue to commit Vaisnava aparadha.

Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada,

Prahladananda Swami

My reply

Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2016 14:34:59 +0000
Subject: Re: 10th open letter - The mobile phone conversation
From: Hanuman das
To: Prahladananda Swami <Prahladananda.Swami@pamho.net>,
Goran Pejakovic <goran.pejakovic@gmail.com>,
Dietlinde Kaufmann <dina.sharana.acbsp@pamho.net>
Cc: "Badrinarayan Swami (San Diego - US)" <Badrinarayan.Swami@pamho.net>,
Bhakti Raghava Swami <Bhakti.Raghava.Swami@pamho.net>,
Bhakti-bhusana Swami <Bhakti-bhusana.Swami@pamho.net>,
Gopal Krsna Goswami <Gopal.Krsna.Goswami@pamho.net>,
Jayadvaita Swami <Jayadvaita.Swami@pamho.net>,
Kadamba Kanana Swami <Kadamba.Kanana.Swami@pamho.net>,
"Kavicandra Swami (GBC Japan)" <Kavicandra.Swami@pamho.net>, Lokanath Swami <Lokanath.Swami@pamho.net>,
Sacinandana Swami <Sacinandana.Swami@pamho.net>,
"Virabahu (das) ACBSP (GBC)" <Virabahu.ACBSP@pamho.net>, Basu Ghosh Das <basughoshdas@gmail.com>,
Sesa das <sesa.gbc@HIDDEN.com>, sun@harekrsna.com

Dear Prahladananda Swami,

please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Thank you for your letter.

Let’s add mataji Dina Sharana here since I will need clarification.

Let me be clear on the conditions which need to be met in order for me stop my “envious fault-finding” propaganda on the Internet. We all know that Srila Prabhupada is unique and that we need to run this movement according to the highest standards he gave us. My agenda here is that we need to look like a serious, respectable movement, with serious sannyasis who are “beyond suspicion”.

My public letters will stop immediately as soon as we come to understanding, taking into consideration previous history of Sacinandana Swami:

  1. Sacinandana Swami will not have Bhanu Nandini or any other women in the roles of secretary/driver/advisor/whatever.
  2. Sacinandana Swami will not live with Bhanu Nandini in the same village or town.

Now, as far as point 1 is concerned, you already made clear that this will be the case after this summer.

Point number two is still not clear, you acknowledged that Bhanu Nandini lives is Shloss Kranzlin, questions is, where is Sacinandana Swami living? Is he also living in Schloss Kranzlin? When you say “but her office is in a separate building with a separate entry”, that gives me idea that Sacinandana Swami too lives there in Schloss Kranzlin. Which makes my claims correct.

So, taking into consideration their past history and photos on the internet, taking into consideration that I don’t care at all about separate entrances and buildings as long as we are taking about same village, and lastly, taking into consideration that both Sacinandana Swami and his disciples proved so far that they are willing to hide their whereabouts and failed to answer simple questions about saynnas standards, I expect that Sacinandana Swami and his soon to be ex secretary will live on separate locations, not in the same village.

No other Swami in ISKCON is living on the same physical location with unmarried secretary for so many years. That is not acceptable even if she is no longer his official secretary.

> Your allegations have proved to be incorrect. Unless you can prove
> otherwise, I suggest you make a public retraction and ask forgiveness for
> making false allegations, least you continue to commit Vaisnava aparadha.

What exactly is proved to be incorrect? Can you confirm that Sacinandana Swami didn’t live alone with Bhanu Nandini at Gaura Bhavan? At least within last 5 years? If you can confirm that, then I will apologise. Plus, you just admitted yourself that she is his secretary.

Can you explain why this was not resolved after my first letter? Why this have to spill over to hundreds of devotees? If you told me after my first letter “Please stop, give me few days to investigate”, this public scandal would never happen. If you can explain that, I will gladly apologise.

Croatian government just fell down because of one newspaper article, Sacinandana Swami is public person, it is not acceptable that he ignores people who have simple questions regarding his sannyasi status, same goes for you as sannyasi minister, especially if that questions are backed up by photos and witnesses.

So, to summarise, give me assurance that Sacinandana Swami and Bhanu Nandini are living in different village/town and that they don’t have daily contact, and that Sacinandana Swami has only male secretary, assistant and driver. In this way, you will never hear again about “german sannyasi girlfriend” problem as long that is followed, that is my guarantee.

your servant,
Hanuman das