10 Essential terms for your post ISKCON journey

10 Essential terms for your post ISKCON journey

In many discussion that I had with my friends, we came up with some really cool terms, so we had an idea to write an article about those terms.

Ahimsa Gestapo

This is a movement who preaches nonviolence to cows, glorifies killers but at the same time doesn’t allow anybody to voice a different opinion about leaders and their questionable behavior. Sulocana was murdered only because he voiced a different opinion, and murder accomplice in that particular case Radhanath Swami is still in ISKCON top management. Listen to all the lectures of Radhanath Swami, not once he said that murder of Sulocana was wrong, even when he was requested by the GBC to give a statement. And this whole gruesome incident was well documented in book “Killing for Krishna”, which you can order from Amazon.  And Actually, I coined this term after watching this video:

(disclaimer: I don’t agree with rtvik philosophy, but 90% of this video is true)

Enforced purity

This term is deeply embedded into every ISKCON members. Instead of using Srila Prabhupada’s books and our brain in determining who is a genuine representative of Srila Prabhupada and who is not, ISKCON members are thought from the early days that they will receive a “guru list” to determine who is pure and who is not. In this simplified, childish, Gestapo ideology, they are forced to believe that “Everybody on the guru list is pure”. Thus, ISKCON members are not allowed to voice their disagreement with any of the “chosen ones”. They are not taught how to discriminate based on Srila Prabhupada’s books, they are taught to “believe” in the purity of their retarded masters.

Elementary logic teaches us that just because somebody is on “the list” doesn’t make him pure. And with over 70 fallen “guru-list” gurus, ISKCON members are still in denial of that fact.

And it is not only that ordinary members are not allowed to think, but so-called “guru-list gurus” are also not allowed to preach the Absolute Truth. They must sign the form which is an effective gag order, which prevents them from voicing a different opinion from the GBC or other gurus. Thus, effectively, freedom of speech doesn’t exist in ISKCON, and so-called brahmanas are nothing more than corporate sudras although Srila Prabhupada requested his followers to be “independently thoughtful”. He never request his followers to be blind believers.

It is important to give a glimpse of how the society of Srila Prabhupada’s followers should really look like. How can we make Srila Prabhupada’s society which would look intelligent, which would have members who can discriminate and talk freely? First of all, guru list should be abolished. No guru should be administratively appointed, and nobody should be forced to sign the gag order. Instead, prospective disciples should be vigorously trained to discriminate who is a real follower of Srila Prabhupada and who is not. All disciples should understand that if they take initiation from a particular person, their guru-disciple relationships is a personal one. A disciple should understand that other people might not agree with the activities of his guru, especially if his guru is doing nonsense. Nonsense would be vigorously attacked by other gurus, who would be able to talk freely, write philosophical articles and give lectures on currently prominent deviations. That would create a philosophically vibrant society instead of a retarded zombie society that we currently have.

Sincere nonsense

Since ISKCON members insist that their current leaders are pure and sincere, but those same leaders are doing nonsense, we have to call this activity “sincere nonsense”.

What is funny about this term is that Srila Prabhupada actually said that if you are sincere and stupid at the same time, Krishna will give you intelligence. Krishna himself promises that in Bhagavad-gita,

Buddhi-yogam itself is action in Krsna consciousness; that is the highest intelligence. Buddhi means intelligence, and yogam means mystic activities or mystic elevation. When one tries to go back home, back to Godhead, and takes fully to Krsna consciousness in devotional service, his action is called buddhi-yogam. In other words, buddhi-yogam is the process by which one gets out of the entanglement of this material world. (BG 10.10p)

Now, go through this website, look at all the articles and decide for yourself if currently appointed gurus are acting in the highest intelligence, or they are doing sincere nonsense.

Pure fault finder

In Gestapo ISKCON, the term fault-finder is a very negative one. But in post ISKCON society, we understand that faults can never be fixed unless they are first discovered and understood. So, pure fault-finder is a genuine follower of Srila Prabhupada who speaks up with the intention of keeping Srila Prabhupada’s movement on the right track.

Envious fault finder

In post ISKCON world, envious fault finder is a car mechanic who repairs expensive cars.

Deviating from deviants

In Gestapo ISKCON, if somebody decides that he won’t follow corrupt GBC leadership, ISKCON members think that he is deviating.

Deviating is very bad, but deviating from deviants is very good. It means that you are actually coming back to the right track. So, this is the term we use when we want to explain to people that we don’t want to follow current ISKCON Gestapo gurus, we need to deviate from deviants.

Pure offensive nectar

In Gestapo ISKCON, disagreeing with “guru-list gurus” is a capital crime, which means that you are offensive.

But in post ISKCON world, we know that truth is never offensive. So, if you are telling the truth about some deviant ISKCON guru, that is “pure offensive nectar”, which means that we are primarily interested to know the absolute truth, and if somebody is offended, that is secondary.

Rebellion tour

In the near future, we will see the dawn of a new kind of preacher, a preacher who is able to tell the truth because he is no longer under Gestapo GBC control. When such preachers start traveling around the world, and to meet other rebels, that is called rebellion tour.

Spineless Jelly

Spineless Jelly is a term which describes an ISKCON guru who is not able to utter the truth, what to speak of fighting for truth. He is mild, smiling guy who will tell you to chant Hare Krishna, and that is pretty much it, completely useless.

Since he signed the gag order, he is not able to tell you that a sannyasi should not travel with female secretary, that Sacinandana Loverboy “Swami” is a disgrace for this movement and that he can destroy the whole movement if not dealt with.

He will not be able to tell you to avoid sannyasis which bought luxury apartments in Rasamart Kunj.

The only goal of Spineless Jelly guru is to keep you in the darkness by turning you into a brainless, blind follower of the ISKCON Gestapo corporation.

And when you become a disciple of such Spineless Jelly guru, you have to follow him and be silent about all the deviations which are happening in ISKCON. Because if you speak up, the deviants will be offended. And offending deviants is very bad if you are in deviant society.