Concocted guru sings concocted kirtana

Just watch the video and see what Prabhupada thinks about this particular mantra “Nitai Gaura Radhe Syama”.

Very dangerous, Bir Krishna Goswami brings in “Nitai Gaura Radhe Syama” on the level of bonafide bhajan. It’s all the same you know. Sahajiya and mayavada.

Indian Rambo

My website has a chat feature, which has been a real game changer. So, please don’t contact me unless you are ready to be blown to pieces. Here is one interesting recent chat:

So called good men of this world

Question by a devotee from India over facebook messenger:


Hare Krishna Prabhu. Dandavats.

Prabhu I accept your thoughts about mundane charity and hospital opening etc. But recently I came across this:,_1977,_Vrndavana

Here it seems Prabhupada doesn’t make objection to ideas of Hospital or charity etc. Can you please explain what is essence? Please consider this as my humble inquiry, as I am a new devotee trying to understand Prabhupada’s real mission in right perspectives. Thank you for your time! Hare Krishna.

Deadly disease


Deadly disease was spreading in ISKCON for years in form of Radhanath baba’s mayavadi philosophy. The idea is that by being philosophically deviated, associating with Mayavadis and sahajiyas and considering them friends, and generally being “smarter” than Prabhupada, you will attract a lot of followers and bring them to Srila Prabhupada lotus feet. In theory, this sounds nice, but it will never work.

Exactly the opposite is happening, as you will see from this article, as Radhanath’s clone army is growing, it is no longer possible to preach Srila Prabhupada’s original philosophy. You could see in last few days, I published articles where Radhanath baba’s own disciples, namely Jvalamukhi and Radha Madhava are rejecting him because of his cover ups and desire to change Prabhupada teachings.

But today, I am going to publish something much worse. I will show you how disciples of other gurus are rejecting their own gurus, because their own gurus are covering up for Radhanatha baba. The war is on.

First traitor caught - Sumitra Krishna das JPS

Today, we are exposing first of the traitors of Prabhupada, Sumitra Krishna das, temple president of ISKCON Chennai, disciple of Jayapataka Swami. We have tracked him down in less than two days, together with biography and photo.

To understand this article a all you have to study the evidence in our original Bangalore disaster article.

Then, you need to check Sumitra Krishna’s shameful decision and my angry video. In this video, I promised to hunt them down and expose them. And this is exactly what I am going to do in this article.