The "guru list" discrepancy

Once you get on the “guru list”, you will probably stay there unless you leave voluntarily. No matter what nonsense you preach, as long as you are “loyal” to the GBC body. Today, we are bringing examples of two individuals, who are both on the “guru list”, but are holding completely opposite views.

We are talking, of course, about the Star Wars controversy.

Mayavadi sahajiya resurrection

Remember Krishna das, mayavadi who calls Krishna and Siva “same sh*t”?

Well, Jahnavai Harrison, daughter of ISKCON guru Kripamoya das, just made a concert together with Krishna das. I am usually calm and peaceful, but this time I will say that there are two kinds of stupid people, some are naturally stupid, and some took some training. To make programs with mayavadi sahajiyas requires some training in stupidity. Is this why Srila Prabhupada came to the west? So that his disciples would make concerts with mayavadis?

Salaranam - Bhaktivedanta Manor invents new form of devotional service

To the delight of all unmotivated vaisnavas, we want to report that ISKCON Bhaktivedanta Manor just introduced new form of devotional service called “salaranam”, that is very high level which goes beyond 9 standards forms of devotional service.

This level comes when you are so much surrendered to the Lord, that you are receiving salary for your devotional service.

"Guru list" strategy: Accuracy

What are your actual chances of going back to spiritual world by following Guru list strategy, answer is 55.6%.

This chart shows all gurus since “guru list” strategy was implemented in ISKCON. The further you go back in history, the more “fallen gurus” will you find. So, I marked all gurus who left their post or where suspended in red color, those tho remained exemplary to the end are marked green.

The guru list deviation

Today, we are starting a new investigation. We will investigate “fake guru list” project introduced by the GBC body. As you will see from our investigation, Srila Prabhupada never requested that all future gurus of ISKCON need to be approved by corrupt bureaucratic machine called GBC body.

Cadmium lila

In the past, from time to time, somebody would mention the “poison issue”, I would always disregard it as one of those crazy conspiracy theories. People always try to draw weird conclusions from inconclusive evidence. However, the last movie made by “poison theory proponents” mentions new evidence of cadmium poisoning which no longer can be easily dismissed as coming from water or medicine.

Whispers are not conclusive, although they do sound strange. Increased arsenic levels can be maybe contributed to water, or medicine, or Srila Prabhupada’s kindey failure, but cadmium tests are something which can not be easily disproved.